I Found His SECRET Creative Map.. THE GOLDEN KING: The Ice King CHEATS 5 months ago   10:02

I Found His SECRET Creative Map.. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

Today, I found my friend's fortnite creative secret map!

Zeph: https://ai-tube.com/userchannel/HPUUwMXpg3CwTqvYXuVvdN2D

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)

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Paz Caldit
LOL!So funny!🤣😂😅😄
The iron golem Pie
The wall looked like a dick
Candic and Caris Fun in games
It kind of makes sense that he prank to you because who would do a map of his darkest secret
Tony Lara
can you add me
Jj Gg
zeal playa is My 2 fravit yotuber
Uqail Salehuddin
Mr top 5 is nicsterv
a meme
Charles Kurtz
He's probably a T-series sub
Lbear144! With Marc of Minecraft
That was a good one
Man i love your best friend his so nice not like shadical more like madical
Jonathan Meredith
I have a race track creative map too!!!!! But mine is for drift boards
Fort nut
His is trolling
Georgia Dial
Somebody was having sex
Why is your discord username nic which is the same one as nicster v
Spider Boy
0:51 proves that ur nicsterv cause u both have the same Instagram Twitter and discord same voice same accent same background same name
Look he replaced shadical
Spanked Gamer
I knew it
Spanked Gamer
I think it's a prank
Tara Dimopoulos
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THE GOLDEN KING: The Ice King CHEATS I Found His SECRET Creative Map.. 5 months ago   10:46

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