1000 oldtimers in one hour in Havana walking in Bogota ( Colombia ) 1 day ago   1:01:23

keezi walks
Cuba is a paradise for car enthusiasts. Where else in the world do you see so many old-timers driving around like here? In Havana there are still a lot of classic cars around. There are fewer cars in the rest of the country, but you just as easily encounter them.

The brands you most often see in Cuba are Chrysler, Ford, Cadillac, Plymouth, Pontiac, Thunderbird, Chevrolet and Buick, but even an old Jaguar can be found here! Beautiful cars from the years before the end of the Cuban revolution of 1959, you look your eyes out. View the Video , and enjoy!



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sergio metalhead
looks trapped in the 50´s so cheap the gasoline in cuba????
андрей васнецов
Привет из России
Meredith Nelson
I love You!
Why the people are so warm? Really was cold in Cuba?
60s 70s
Keezi, I was hoping you'd visit Suriname, Aruba and Curacao, places with connections to your home country.
Chuck Sandos
Very well... But I'm wait for your traditional walking in Havana! ;)
Murat Saygın
Oldies but GOLDIES! Thanks a lot for your videos! Please keep up the good work!
Pump Raichu
Yaya que si que carros de aquellos tiempo cuba todavía mantiene en circulación,felicidades keezi me gusta tus vídeos .🚘🚘🚘🚘🚘😼😼😼😼😼😼😺😺😺😺😺😽
Luis Yepez
Hello Keezy: When you were in Peru, I asked you if you came to Venezuela and you answered that not because our country was too dangerous, I told you that the danger was everywhere and that you would notice what had happened in London for those days and The answer was that my comment had changed the way you think. I was very surprised when from Colombia you went to Panama, but I understood that some people advised you not to come. What surprises me most is that you have decided to go to Cuba, right to Cuba! Well, I know that my country now suffers from a crisis not only economic, but also institutional, but above that its people and a beautiful country. It is a shame that another is the vision we have for other countries, but I assure you that my country is not worth less than others. Ahh, and excuse my googled English.
42:22 I think those cars that consume a lot of gas pollute the environment
bas far
please make extended and more info filming about havana cars and people
bas far
Amazing Keezi you just snap what I die for..thank you and keep up.
Márcio Maciel
Comunismo é isso ai, pararam no tempo.
Ron Zee
The cars from the 50s had style
Never understand if parts of the car are not available for several decades, how can you still keep those car running....
manaila cristian
wow,it;s been such a longe time since I haven;t seen pictures from Cuba and thanks to you I've got the chance to see this beautiful country
Sergio OneTwoThree Four
Remember Driver Two For PlayStation One :-)
konji san
Lada rulez haha.
Cees Colijn
mijn auto is ook bijna een old timer
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walking in Bogota ( Colombia ) 1000 oldtimers in one hour in Havana 1 day ago   1:00:16

Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia administered as the Capital District, although often thought of as part of Cundinamarca. Bogotá is a territorial entity of the first order, with the same administrative status as the departments of Colombia. It is the political, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, and sports center of the country.

Bogotá was founded as the capital of the New Kingdom of Granada on August 6, 1538, by Spanish conquistador Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada after a harsh expedition into the Andes conquering the Muisca. The Muisca were the indigenous inhabitants of the region and called the settlement where Bogotá was founded Bacatá. After the Battle of Boyacá on August 7, 1819, Bogotá became the capital of the independent nation of Gran Colombia. Since the Viceroyalty of New Granada's independence from the Spanish Empire and during the formation of present-day Colombia, Bogotá remained the capital of this territory.