Bernanke: Hoping Economic Growth Bernanke takes on critics: 'None 2 days ago   01:40

Wall Street Journal
Ben Bernanke indicated that great progress has been made in recovering the U.S. economy and that the Federal Reserve is hopeful it will continue, during his final press conference as Fed chairman on Wednesday. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Love & Division
I'm so-and-so from the New York Times, Mr Chairman, since the policy of using more lubrication when sodomizing America began have you noticed the increase in cheerfulness of the average person?
Or how about this - The American People: Mr Chairman, when are you going to turn yourself in and admit the Federal Reserve is an illegitimate group of private usurpers, and give the power to regulate money back to our duly elected representatives?
Bernanke: Do you really think those crooks in congress will look after your interest any more then the FED?
The American People: Whatever.
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Bernanke takes on critics: 'None Bernanke: Hoping Economic Growth 2 days ago   05:47

Critics said his decisions would cause hyperinflation and asset bubbles. But speaking with his two predecessors, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, and his successor, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke defends the Federal Reserve's balance sheet by pointing to a lack of dire outcomes from his monetary policy.