The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Ridiculous DO5 Legal Update, HUGE 5 months ago   08:51

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
As Trump’s border wall demands prolong the government shutdown, national parks and federal employees both suffer, and Michael Kosta steps up to make things a little better.

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Cheryl Mcwilliams
Trump you think Mexico's dumb, but they kicked your ass.
Molly Allen
Celeb crush crushed - Trevor doesn’t want kids. Le sigh! Lollll....
Nicholas Perricone
From the future: its over
ilham nurhakim
You're going to jail, bastard!
Too bad, you activated my white privileges.
Trevor Noah, a worthless sack of shit. Has he ever considered telling a joke?
Obnoxious cunt, he was never funny. John Stewart should blow his fucking brains out
you are not funny.
Philipp Holzherr
When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.

Chinese Proverb
Good thing Donald can't be a dictator
Roblox Radiance
1:27. Am I the only one who loves Trevor Noah and is paying attention to the fly ass coat Trump's dumb ass got on
ganni reddy
The wall is an important part in Anime series-Attack on Titan
This show was so much better w/ John Stewart . I'm now activating my weaponized white male maga smirk =)
Dolly Wolly
could have really left the Jesus joke out. Let's be respectful to everyone's beliefs
Jace Cavacini
This is a perfect illustration of how we all live paycheck to paycheck. We are all mere paychecks away from homelessness. And then there are the people who already experienced dire circumstances and are depending on social services... who are already suffering being mocked and hated for it, by people who only believe myths about the people who end up on social services. It’s great to get a letter saying that your food stamp deposit might not come next month. But hey, you can just barter for food, right?
I liked the video for the Hilary joke at the end..LOVED IT! Keep up the good work
Jeanne Z. Hope
03:50 Not funny. We thought you were going to bring out an actual panda.
Joanna Stoker
made so many solid points and then ruined your credibility with that last dumb joke. remove the entire panda character
Spider Man
Dont make jokes about Jesus
I am Muslim and Respect Prophet Jesus!
I mean if government is not working so me no paying tax 👍
Verde the Star Warrior
Dear god, if the shutdown lasts years I think the US will transform into a singularity and implode the world
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Ridiculous DO5 Legal Update, HUGE The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating 5 months ago   17:59

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