The Haunting of Hannah Williams Alix Makes Cinnamon Rolls 4 weeks ago   35:10

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Season finale. We make our first haunted house call.

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Good Morning
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Family turns a house into a home
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Make the nightmare go away
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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
Something Vishy
Shane's look makes every evidence look "Not Definitive" :)
Crystal Cadenas
23:00 i bet you that there have been killings in wheat fields
Can these guys come to Mexico to visit my late grandmother's house that has been in our family for generations?!
Let's just say my family members are terrified to stay in that house when visiting
Daydream Ricecake
They should threaten the demons with religion! Usually when there are demons, they get angsty when god and jesus are mentioned. See if it brings anything out!
Jay Dubs
Is it me or does 26:23 looks like there are eyes in the closet then the next shot they are not there anymore?
An Leng Uy
Scooting into the comment section for warmth and safety!!
Hallie Cook
Assorted ghouls, great band name.
Akm Adrito
The room that Ryan was sleeping in got cold because the ghost was either walking near the room or coming to the room.
Valerie Mercado
The drawing had me weak 😂😂😂
Tiffanie Harada
You guys should investigate the Casey Anthony case
Kawaii Panda
Txell Smith
I will pay $50 for the drawing
Lil Dong
Please make an entire episode of the life of the legendary and mysterious blues master Robert Johnson! Legend has it he acquired his skills of singing, songwriting and guitar playing by selling his soul to the devil at a crossroads in the mississippi delta. He basically only existed in his recordings and the there are only two confirmed photographs of him. No one really knows when he was born or where he was buried, or how he even died (at the age of 27). The only aspects of his life have been explained by fellow musicians he toured with, old school friends, and the many girlfriends he fancied over his career. There are many more mysteries in his life and a lot is up to debate. Please make it.
jackie flores
waiting for Shane to be thrown by a ghost 😂
can all be explained

1. moving is stressfull, probably heard pipes or rodents/raccoons in the attic
2. the "psychic" did his research on you guys to find out names
3. she forgets to turn off her lights
4. alarm malfunctioned
5. she has lucid dreams and thinks its real /or can sleep paralysis for the stress of moving in

I can go on and on, ghosts arent real.
Butt head man
Jesse Torticill
You guys should do one about the Annabelle doll
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Alix Makes Cinnamon Rolls The Haunting of Hannah Williams 4 weeks ago   12:18

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