The Haunting of Hannah Williams Alix Makes Cinnamon Rolls 3 months ago   35:10

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Season finale. We make our first haunted house call.

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
We're shooting our post mortem episode Monday, so make sure to leave your questions down below!
M_A_X_A_R_O_N_I_E ____
Once I went to this camp for my school sand we had this “night walk” and I started hallucinating and seeing figures and my freind saw the same things but nobody else did.
Kaitlyn Julian
You guys should totally check out Illinois State University's Watterson dorms there's like supposedly a ton of ghosts because a bunch of people fell off the tower roof. I don't believe in ghosts personally but my roommate swears up and down she's always hearing noises coming from the dorm room next to ours when our neighbors aren't home. There's also a hall called Williams Hall that's haunted by Agne Milner the old librarian who was here when the university was founded and who our library is named after.
John Dennehy
Brilliant episode.
Ali Hunt
I'm 26 mins in and this is so creepy
Jade Waters
17:56 the picture of the little girl scared the *crap* out of me
kick the girl
Kawaii Gamer Edits
14:25 I think Shane just got possessed cause he said “what?” like nothing happened to his eyes or body ;-; like the ghost put him in some kind of state because they said something untellable and I heard “NO DONT DO IT!”
Ty Fox
3:27 one of the kids could have turned it on
Olivia Krook
going along with the theory (joke) that shane’s a demon at 24:11 he totally broke his “human form.” lol
14:23 his eyes look like the drawer
Sariyah McAvoy
go to savannah georgia. this city is built on a huge cemetery and have many haunted hotels. one of which, hate men
Wilford Warfstache
i love how cocky this ghost is
Stuckin_ 1950
Shane: [screams]

ghost: *shxt*
Michael Gilhooley
Janet Leal
I feel as if my house has something wrong. I 've heard whispers, a women crying ( my mom heard it too), hearing footsteps, and seeing apparitions of a little boy...Ye idk what to think anymore I don't have any more explanations.
Jared I
"I'm not scared of you" as he freaks out in his mind lmao
hannah rosser
when the stuff animal made the noise i almost broke my neck from jumping so hard 😂😂😂
Shadab Hussain
Why dont you come to india and explore some of the haunted places in here? can ya? There are a lots of places in here
joses htoo
if i lived there i would of dipped
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Alix Makes Cinnamon Rolls The Haunting of Hannah Williams 3 months ago   12:18

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