NEW! Fortnite Creative Deal RUST | FIRE RUSSIAN ROULETTE 5 months ago   31:06

Deal or No Deal in Fortnite with real prizes for the contestants. I had high expectations, but this came out way better than I hoped. I'd love to do more of these (we actually did a 2nd game right after this with some tweaks). If you'd like to join us, read this:

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and I deeply appreciate all the insane support lately. Thank you!

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Whoa. Had no idea, this was done first by Crainer & Ssundee - vid here: - props to them and my bad for not searching first! I'm still very happy with the format we put together and we'll be doing more, if you wanna join, you can read up here:
Yonnaysha Hampton
19:01 Uh oh! He found a bush. Bummer! 100% love this video
Parker Smallwood
My account name is tatesmall09 I play on PS4
GamerproYT Memecraft
Why you kick me from the game swiftor I’m your best fan. I was darkstar5234466 I’ve been watching since 900k! Bro hope you reach 3million soon
I dont like your attitude sometimes but i LOVE your creative videos
16:01 when the temperature starts rising and I unzip my pants
DarthAssassin24 7
More of this!!
FaZe Shell
We need more of this
Fagg Dagg
I was born on the 17th they should know that I'm lucky and 17 is my lucky number along with 14 because it is the number bus I ride
William Maury
My favorite number is 14 and my brothers is 7......I literally would have picked between $75-100 😂
swiftor is lowkey a dick anytime they try to talk rudely cuts them off “thats great man”
DirtyTBH ‘’/
Bald man runs game show 👨‍🦲
Michael Skilling
I would love to join this
Prdx Chlorine
What the code
13:56 hes such a cunt for that
Pokemon Go
I just found out about u like 3 days ago and now I love seeing you videos lol I think ur mad funny and oh students this is a emergency please follow him
Gherardo La Tour
these people are dumb asf lmao
T- Bone
Moisty Man
wow all these new people in the comments acting like swift is some new youtube.. I remember the border patrol back on mw2 and world at war
Summit Striker is that you Carter
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RUST | FIRE RUSSIAN ROULETTE NEW! Fortnite Creative Deal 5 months ago   15:39

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