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MAKE YOUR MARK | Best Motivational Video 2019 (VERY POWERFUL SPEECH)

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Martin Luis
I love you for making this video. Brothers and sisters if you are having a downhill, be happy. Pain can give you possibility for success only if you move forward and get up.
Jonathan Baker
Preach and amen 🙏🏿📖👍🏿👌🏿😎
My birthday is March fourth 🥰😍
Mark D
So stupid and sad a masterpiece of video like this has to have shitty ads...
Well.....it started out good, but got religious toward the half way mark. Turns my stomach.
Good video, but so many adverts in such a short video. 🙄
Hold up. Get Cardi B out of there
Gustavo Herrera
Whoever makes these. They are very well put together. I love them. @Law of attraction coaching
Nelson Rodriguez
Cute video . . . Now get to WORK!!!
Judeen Celorico
(d)don't count failure moment just continue
Rafael Maldonado
What happened to the video that used to be under this label? It got changed like a week ago and now I cant find it. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
Radu Sitaru
Jack is a hero. Awesome video, wish you all a great day people!
Ken Miranda
This was cool until I got up to the point with cardi b voice.
Turtle Angel
Who is the lady that's comes in 3:00 min in
Who's the guys starting the vidoe?
abigail vences
Is that snow tha product I heard?
Aine Lawler
You are amazing and you are writh it keep picking your self up after you fall 💪
Monalisa Hopak
I just hate, whenever m watching videos...ya m very focused concentrating n this cat red eye sunglasses add pop ups...sometimes its ok...but somtines makes me to comment.....irritating
mma and boxing fan.
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GRATITUDE - Best Motivational Video TAKE YOUR PLACE, MAKE 1 day ago   27:31

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow! Listen to this in the morning and live a happier, healthier life! One of the Best MORNING MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS!
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