Top 10 Funniest Music Videos Top 10 Power Ballads of All Time 1 year ago   15:00

They’re fast becoming an art form in their own right, and these are the most amusing audio-visual masterpieces out there! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Funniest Music Videos. Check us out at, and

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Susan Moser
Watkins was AWESOME!!!!!
rowb early
More parochial US bullshit...what a bleak "world" you yanks inhabit....
Henry Wolert
The Dropkick Murphys' The Season's Upon Us should have made the list.
steven spedden
How you not going to have any Ludachris?!?!?’
Lloyd Robert
For the first time, I'm totally in disagreement with Watchmojo. None of these videos is funny. Slapstick and corny hamming is hardly amusing. Sorry guys. You're good otherwise.
Cardinal Ximinez
No Primus?
Darcy Louise
Big eater is a parody but it is super funny
Where was Alison Moyet "Whispering your name" such a funny video and stood the test of time.
Stuntman Dan
Man Twisted Transistor by Korn is hands down the funniest video I've seen in my entire life, PERIOD.
You can call me al always cracks me up.
rick Jimenez
Twisted sister, Van Halen, I'm hot for teacher.
rick Jimenez
Yeah not that funny
Jonathan Flora Galván
You totally missed “it’s like that - RUN D.M.C”
I Created An Account For This
Fight for your right!!!
Girls Like Me - Will Joseph Cook
I almost vomited when those disgusting f,a,gs started kissing. 🤢🤮
We’re not going to take it is hilarious
Nichole Poniewaz
Slim Shady was on here once? TF? His videos would take over this entire list. Most of these music videos weren't even funny.
James Ford
How can you mention Beastie Boys and not choose "Sabotage"????
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Top 10 Power Ballads of All Time Top 10 Funniest Music Videos 1 year ago   13:19

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For this list, we’re focusing on rock songs that conjure up intense emotion deep within the soul for listeners and musicians alike.

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