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In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales. Examines the north coast of the Greek Island of Kos, where the shoreline has been retreating overall by about 25cm per year since the 1930s, but with local variation of updrift sediment trapping and downdrift erosion caused by the construction of groynes. Further reading: S. K. Haslett (2016) Coastal Systems, 3rd Edition. University of Wales Press, Cardiff (see section 2.6.3); E. Doukakis (2005) Shoreline evolution: past, seasonal and future trends. In T. D. Lekkas (ed.) Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (Rhodes Island, Greece), pp. A328-A333. Location Coordinates for Google Earth: N 36 deg 53'22.6'', E 027 deg 11'34.1''. Apologies for any sound deterioration due to wind noise. If you found this video useful, please leave a comment, and as new videos are added from time to time please subscribe to the channel.

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My science teacher uses this in her high school earth science classes.
From what I learned from this video is that the groin should have gone at a diagonal, perpendicular parallel to the longshore drift, instead it is creating an impermeable berm perpendicular to the beach, causing a vacuum of sorts on the opposite side of the boat launch, wherein the sand gets drawn away from the tide. Think of putting your feet in the sand, with the tide coming in and out, slowly your feet sink, creating a berm around your feet as the sand is eroded.
Lauren Fox
your videos are great! thank you VERY much :)
So does this mean that groins are bad and cause erosion?
The road behind the beach will flood occasionally during storms, but the storms are relatively infrequent of low intensity. Tsunami's from earthquakes in the Mediterranean may also flood the coast as well, but this are very rare.
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What is coastal erosion? Coastal Systems - Shoreline Retreat, 6 months ago   04:12

Coastal erosion is a natural, ongoing process that has been happening for thousands of years. This video explains how it happens and the factors that affect the rate of erosion.