DEATHRUN 2.0.....(GOT DELETED) 3:23 PERFECT RUN | Cizzorz deathrun 2 months ago   11:08

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Hidden Smokey
The century’s in creative on easy are programmed to be like Courage
Mr Bengerman
That music just killed me had to stop watching
Barry Molumby
Kalin Kunchev
I ask deathrun 4.0
Royale Maniac
they didn't delete anything it messed up
Look at all those low life’s who just want comments saying read more smh
I like the dragon ball stuff
Joel The Gamer
Then why do I still have the death run
K Rendall
And level 2 for me was hard lol!
K Rendall
I got to level 3 lol
Claribel Marquez
My son said he completed all your death runs in one try
Cohen Stewart-Banks
Are you suposesed to get shield because my friend did?
Sorry but that is dutch van der linde in the thumbnail, u cant tell me its not
Chungas Fan
I didn’t know so many ttv’s loved DBZ/DBS
David The BOMB
My dog is sick
Leslie Covey
Nice videos 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
Jeyanthy Kumaravel
I subbed
Peter Roworth
Who’s here at deathrun 3.0
Sivvan Saraf
Who was the winner of the death run 2.0
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3:23 PERFECT RUN | Cizzorz deathrun DEATHRUN 2.0.....(GOT DELETED) 2 months ago   04:02

YESSSSSS I finally did a perfect run without messing up I think its safe to say this time that I have the record right now lol
I'm for sure done now so good luck to the 3:34 person because today is the last day
Special thanks to Zzacity and exlipse for helping me find the level 2 and 3 shortcut :D
(ignore the music in the bg btw if u know me i just like to listen to music when i play so i dont get bored xD)
Join my discord if u want