Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Modified Maruti Dzire From 6 months ago   19:23

Have you ever wondered what happened with every car that got totaled? Well were here to tell you that they come straight to the goonzquad garage where we revive and restore the vehicles. Not really, but we do love to challenge ourselves with bigger and better projects. This very rare 2014 Dodge Viper Time Attack is the best build yet! We have encountered many new challenges already and nothing has stopped us yet! Follow along and see what happens next!


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Nader Audie
Next time you should try using a body filler such as rage gold I haven't found a place I can buy it in a store the only place I found you can buy it from is on Amazon it's in like a pink/purple combination can and the way it works is once you apply it on there in about 15 minutes it's ready for you to sand and it sands just like foam; if you wait any longer however it gets a little bit tougher to sand but that's the key point right there wait about 15 minutes and then start sanding it and it will sand off like it's foam paper very simple you can you shape it to the way you want and everything hopefully this helps you out in the future guys!
It will be a buy well worth, a bit on the expensive side but well worth it!! Awesome videos guys!!! 👌👌👌👍👍👍
You guys are artists in bodywork, no better way to describe it! Subbed for life!
Muhammad Wali
One's called Billy the other is Hill. Welcome to the Hillbilly show.
Jordan Carter
Have you guys heard of doing rolled/soft edges for taping? It doesn't leave a hard line which even when sanded out can show through your paint
Jordan Carter
You guys should buy an interface pad for your d/a to contort around the shapely edges
Esmeralda's Garden Oasis
carbon fiber was a nut job. They been inhaling to much acetone
michael nnielsen
the hole lip
Ryan Bertoldi
I gotta give it to you guys, you've really got the details down..nice to see it's not just another "rebuild" hack!
Atheist Peace
please tell me they let maaco paint the car!!!
Eric McManus
How do you know how many coats of glazing putty you need?  are you measuring the depth based on the other side of the hood or something?
Mike Genson
ahhh ha ha why don't you use a little hardener with your kitty hair, holy shit... good luck with that area NOT affecting the paint... and then not enough hardener in the bondo... nightmare waiting to happen
Kevin Fifth
good shit guys
8605 SB
Will you make it awd? Is it possible or am I daydreaming?
Mohammed Riyadh
Innovative Entertainment
Next time you remove anything adhesive, use a cheap steamer from harbor freight. It takes anything off adhesive wise, cleaner and faster then anything I know.
John Lamb
full lip
John Lamb
i was just wondering what you do with cars when repaired .are they for sale or where do you sell them ? Do you keep all the cars ? Where does the money come from for the repairs. I watch you all the time I am retired and just wondering.
So many carbon fibers experts in here. 🤦‍♂️
Zahid Arifi
Or you could put an air dam on
Zahid Arifi
A full lip would be better
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Modified Maruti Dzire From Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge 6 months ago   28:26

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