Hypnosis + music = hyp-note-therapy: James Hypnosis - The Universe Within | David 2 days ago   10:29

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Master Hypnotist, and musician, James Giunta invites the audience to engage its playful mind to become more receptive to creativity, concentration, and mastery. Music is hypnotic, and can influence mood and attitude with immediate results. It's possible to train the mind using favorite music at any time. The powerful combination of music + hypnotic suggestion has potential to influence thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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the truth
Deven Abhyankar
music could have been better. the beat at the start was nice but the piano has an awful sound, not soothing at all. the concept is good, though.
Rob Rich
Music choice just made me tense up & get irritated.
my creative mind came to the forefront and said: "wow this music is god awful" I don't feel relaxed. I feel irritated.
David Coomber
Vivek Choudhary
I'm hybernating now.
martin smith
Terrible music!
Ferd The Terd
Happy Singh
DJ Hypno!
Tom Bee
After watching 100 of Hypnosis videos on Youtube and reading tons of articles about Hypnotism available at internet (Including Wikipedia); I have come to the conclusion that Hypnotism is Bull-Shit !!!
Tangy Black
Luv it ! Wowowow!
Bill Rodgers
Call that music!
It'sKeeylo FOB
when he said "its 5:30" my time said 5:30 lol
Rashieme McFadden
it's funny. feel the beat. hear piano and feel relaxed. no information on anything else....imagine. it is the pursuit of happiness.
Mia Ami
i don't expect to actually feel relax.. I've problems sleeping at night (since I was a kid as my dad told me) & I think this could help.. :) but i wonder if it's works on all type of music...
Anni Wang
Oh my gosh I'm a penguin help
Suman Baral
I was expecting some explanation too. Anyways it's a great video.
mind blown. Too bad only 3,600 views. no comments? you guys are missing out.
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Hypnosis - The Universe Within | David Hypnosis + music = hyp-note-therapy: James 2 days ago   12:33

A fascinating journey through the subconscious mind, with Montreal Hypnotherapist David Bernstein.

A graduate of Concordia University in 1979, David Bernstein spent countless years in the business world until he discovered the wonders of clinical hypnosis. In 1993, he suffered from a serious sports injury that led to five years of chronic pain. No doctor, medication or treatment could relieve him of his pain until a friend suggested he try hypnosis. Upon seeing a hypnotist, he was immediately cured. This prompted him to become a hypnotherapist, in which he continues to relieve so many Montrealers of their vices and fears by digging into the subconscious.

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