MPs reject Labour motion to prevent Inside Brexit: How Britain lost 1 day ago   23:35

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Boris Johnson, the frontrunner in the Conservative leadership election, broke his silence today to set out his pitch to be the next Prime Minister. (Subscribe:

Despite criticism that he had been hiding from media scrutiny, he took just six questions from journalists. In the Commons, opposition MPs failed to seize control of parliament's agenda in an attempt to stop a no-deal Brexit.


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Arnold Tabor
When ever I watch somthing I always hear that same guy saying STOP BREXIT, I think, who's paying him or why doesnt he have a job
android game player
We need a no deal Brexit
We want a no deal Brexit
So give us a no deal Brexit
sivan ferna
Boris: Breathes
Channel 4: Was that oxygen that you took from the public
siddle jack
Boris can do it he will be tough with the EU.
siddle jack
The ugly face of socialism
Ur Mum
Martin Thomas
Nigel Farage should be the man for the job
Stavaros Hugo
Channel 4 is publicly owned,just like the BBC,that's why the reporters are all cut from the same cloth
Bluewren Reilly
Javid is a Muslim isn't he? Wasn't it he as then Secretary ,ordered Tommy Robinson into a dangerous part of the prison where Robinson was harassed and abused by Muslims.?Jailed for what? Reporting on Muslim gangs grooming and raping thousands of young English girls over a period of ten years or more while the police turned a blind eye.Are you kidding me this man will honour Brexit how did he ever get into the British Parliament in the first place? Boris Johnson please all the way now and no mistake.
Black Bull
Jacob, well done.
Joe Bloger
democracy traitors
lesley vail
Gary, great one sided presentation. So typical of the channel. Be open admit your anti Boris. Stop the smear campaigning . Abortion, really scrapping the barrel you turd turners.
Jeroen Geurtsen
It’s Harry Potter, he thinks he can do magic. I hope the EU stands firm as the Brits can’t have it all.
Pedro degreat Lazoro
Hes Teresa may man ,he will continue the Europeanisation by import a voter labourite foul play ,rid the country of rubber face
johnnyj johnson
Tony Soprano would make a better prime minister than Boris Johnson, far more straight forward!
Letocetum sulley
Stop BREXIT and wears the Jack, we voted out you *osser......... hit the panic button, this is what a bunch of clowns we have as media C4 "not" representing the electorate..... BREXIT no deal only option to be truly free imo if we dance with the devil we will be dancing till our feet bleed..........
Bye Bye
Wow, Rory is so, 'down wiv the youff bro.' A youth icon of the highest order.
Bye Bye
'Cathy did you take drugs nervous ejaculatory laugh response no comment Newman.'
Bye Bye
This comment will probably be deleted. Brexit or no Brexit, the UK has already signed off on all of the relevant legal documents that tie the UK 's defense forces into a union with the various EU states' forces. This is the subject that no ranking politician on pain of death dare mention.

European Defence Union - Parliamentary Written Questions
Bye Bye
For brilliant analysis of British politics see The UK Column. Boris will talk the talk then reveal the traitor that he is. C4 is a disgrace - Cathy Newman is much more tolerable when she has her back turned and her mouth shut.
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Inside Brexit: How Britain lost MPs reject Labour motion to prevent 1 day ago   16:49

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