Falcon Heavy Model - Flight The Fastest Xbox of All Time 2 days ago   15:48

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Weston Anderson
The footage of the base at launch is 👌🏾
Nate Gray
Have you ever thought about using different fuel systems.
You sorta look like Elon Musk....only with a personality.
rajat verma
Did anybody told u that u really looks like Elon musk.. Dear please send your work to Elon.. May be you will get some Engg. Job there.. Just try out..
Garrison Boyd
If the scale of the Altitude were correct I believe you would have to send that thing to a little over a mile before the second stage separated (MECO is approximately 50 miles in ALT and your using a 1/48 scale model so 50/48 is 1.042 miles). Obviously that would be near impossible with that rocket at this scale because the density of the air, gravity, ect but it is still interesting. One rocket on Amazon claims to reach a mile in ALT which is amazing, I would love to see you one day reach a mile or somewhere close. One major limiting factor, would probably be having super chilled liquid fuel, if it's possible I believe your the man to do it. Great vid!
Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Jasper Bayless
ABS plastic has a much higher glass and melt point that PLA
new sub , hec yeah, that was sick!
Jasper Bayless
On the whiteboard: Three Cores are better than one
Ummer Farooq
Anand Mahesh
You deserve an award
Mihai Lazar
Thermal problems with PLA

I feel ya, man ...
Alex Afa
This guy could be better then Elon musk sense he's doing this much earlier then Musk, also he's doing all the science him self while the scientist are doing all the work for him..
Araitz Vlogs
You just apply for space x or NASA
Chip Friday
How about a motor made out of titanium. Melts around 3,000 F. I bet somebody with a small lathe could turn your motor and I bet you could get several launches before the internal geometry was changed too much.
Nico Grüner
about the 3D printed part where you talking about, have a look a ABS or ASA filament.
Erin Hollins
200 000 views!
Kenneth Kniffin
For the Thrust vectoring mount, you could probably find a carbon fiber tube that would work to retain the rocket motors and then still 3d print some kind of retaining bracket to hold the tube and actually mount the tube to your vectoring device.
sai krishna
your eyes tell about sleep less nights...............Hardwork pays-off brother.
Just discovered your channel and this is sooo awesome! Having just gotten into building drones in the past year and always being a spaceflight fan this channel is better than drugs!!
Lennart Biermann
Very interesting stuff. You might want to look up Alumide as an alternative material for the thrust vector mounts. I´ve had a part made from it for my masters thesis and it was quite sturdy, light and is rigid up to about 160°C. It´s a hybrid material made from plastic and aluminium powders and can be printed in an SLS printer (not too cheap, but maybe worth it in your case).
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The Fastest Xbox of All Time Falcon Heavy Model - Flight 2 days ago   18:46

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