Falcon Heavy Model - Flight The Fastest Xbox of All Time 5 months ago   15:48

Falcon Heavy Details: https://bps.space/falcon-heavy
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Nazreen Helmi
joe musk
Bharath Maraiya
He looks more elon musk than elon musk himself. 😂
Life Waster
Elon, why are you making models, you already have the real thing
John Soliani
LIKE here if you want a DNA test for this younger version of E. Musk! Stop kidding with us, Elon! We already know you can time-travel! lol
JMMJ Productions
Fan Freakin Tastic !!!! new sub !!!
Casey Reimer
AKA Super Genius!
james redwine
You look like elon musk 90%
soorya kalaiselvan
Will be happy to machine the aluminum part for you.
That flight was just glorious :)
SpaceX hold my beer
george h
😂😂 the boop tho...it was like watching space x bloopers lol

.. also...I'm so jealous...that's like the best toy ever lol...what do you do outside model rocketry
Kirk House
You need something for scale! I thought it was only 2-3 feet tall when it first launched.
Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus
Lol this guy makes good use car's salesman.🤣😂🤣😂🤣👍
Dude your doing some awesome work
Charles Halfhide
WOW that is really good well done.
Now scale that up 2 times and get in the Stratosphere
This guy has surely never not much as touched a titty in his life. For the love of god take the wrapper of your dick and get it wet.
just try ABS... not that tough to print... just need an enclosure for the printer to get the air around it heated
That is Falcon brilliant!
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The Fastest Xbox of All Time Falcon Heavy Model - Flight 5 months ago   18:46

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