Falcon Heavy Model - Flight The Fastest Xbox of All Time 2 months ago   15:48

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You should be Elon Musk son xD
Yasmin Y3
I wanna be like you but I will study physics
Yasmin Y3
He looks like Elon Musk
Where is Starman?
Crystal Meth
Ste wey se parese a Ilon mosk
how do you create or where do you get the cardboard tubes for the fuselage?
Shane Kiely
Would delrin be an appropriate mount material choice?
XX wolf
Well done, I love doing things like u
Holy crap, it looks just like the real thing, and I was at that first launch! Wow! Congrats!
fuck shit
How much for that rocket? I want to buy it.
Mathew Knelsen
What about a heat shield? Fiber or metal
Elon Musk jr.
Josh Boucher
How do you control thrust? Or is that a later date issue? I thought that was an issue with solid core engines especially model ones.
A suggestion for a better material for the motor housing: Delrin plastic. it's heat resistant, reasonably tough, light, and machines well. Just 3d print the vectoring housing to accept a pair of motors in a delrin tube. The Delrin will act as an insulator, so that the PLA doesn't get as hot. Combine that with a higher melting 3d printer filament, and that would probably fix the issue.

Plus, delrin is cheaper than aluminum. I mean, in all honesty if you're insulating something just wrap the engines snugly in paper, the pressure from engine 2 should be able to pop engine 1 out easy.
weiqiang yang
How did you learn so much stuff by yourself!
biggie chungus 812
This is pretty over engineered (which isn't a bad thing) keep it up!!👌
add grid fins
and have you thought of using 3 rockets in each booster.
varun premakantha
Is it just me or does he kinda look like Elon musk??
We indeed live in a simulation
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The Fastest Xbox of All Time Falcon Heavy Model - Flight 2 months ago   18:46

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