Sudanese protesters celebrate transition Sudan: Military refuses to hand 1 day ago   00:43

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Sudanese protesters celebrate after negotiations with military council result in a three-year transition period into civilian rule as some yearn for guarantees that the agreement will be honoured.

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Sudan: Military refuses to hand Sudanese protesters celebrate transition 1 day ago   02:05

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The new Sudanese military council's political committee will not extradite deposed president Omar al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague but will instead prosecute him in Sudan, said leader of the council Lieutenant General Omar Zain Abedeen at a press conference in Khartoum on Friday.

“If those [in power] after us want to do this, they can do it. We are not going to hand him over because these are the ethics and traditions of the Sudanese people. We are going to prosecute him before handing him over,” said the general.

Al-Bashir faces charges at the ICC including genocide, relating to a campaign against militants in Darfur.

General Omar Zain Abedeen also stated that the transition of power “is not a coup, but a response to the will of the people of Sudan,” and said there will be no repercussions for peaceful protesters. “They can protest and we will not prevent that. We want no hazards; we want to have everything under control. We will not prevent the people from politely expressing their opinions.”

Former President Omar Al-Bashir was removed from office and placed under house arrest on Thursday by the Sudanese military, after almost four months of street demonstrations calling for his resignation.

Protests calling for civilian rule have continued throughout Sudan, following the announcement of a state of emergency and a two-year period of rule via a transitional military council by Sudanese Defence Minister Ahmed Awad Ibn Auf on Thursday.

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