Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, Is there ANY reason to buy Intel? 1 day ago   21:07

Today marks the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series of processors from AMD. How does Team Red's 3rd Generation of CPUs stack up against the competition? Four chips (Ryzen 9 3900X, Ryzen 7 3700X, Intel Core i9-9900K, Intel Core i7-9700K) go head-to-head in a series of gaming and content creation benchmarks to see which CPU reigns supreme!

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I found out which CPU you should buy. Ryzen 3900X, 3800X, 9900K, 9700K benchmarks

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No thermals or power consumption ?
Rockson Pereira
the date is 16th july 2019 and the time is 12:44am
Anne Harsta thats my pc
Would the 3700x be worth it for more gpu gaming like vr paired with any 2000 series gtx card? If you can help me with a motherboard with these?
Alex P
aaaaand Intel is still best for gaming. Nothing changed.
kyle i fucking love you bro hahahahahah
oh and you too lyle....
M Shoopman
I laughed my butt off when Lyle showed up. Soooo Funny!
Abhishek Jain
The Sun has Ryzen!!
testin amd processors with smt on is definitely a bad idea and make this review a joke. entirely.
jimbo carter
Thank you AMD for this wonderful gift. Knocking everyone out in both CPU and GPU. Lowblow to the Intel and sucker punch to the Nvidia. Proud of you AMD. I can finally purchased 9700k and 2070s. Thank you with RTX ON.
chooses a higher Mhz ram and faster NVME on the AMD build and yet it barely matched with CPUs that have been out for months to a year. yeah no bias here
Avro Arrow
Actually VIA is in the desktop game again but only in China IIRC.
Great video, lots of info to digest and love seeing Lyle.
Dino Purić
What is that thermometer i need to have it :D
Jeremiah C.
Man... this is a GREAT video. Funny and informative. Keep up the great work, Kyle! =)
Valinaar Vokun
Can we just admire the nostalgia in the background there
I would like to see benchmarks for i9-9900K @ 5GHz and Ryzen 3900x @ 4.3GHz. Show me the numbers.
Ansel Gaddy
I wonder if the 1% lows FPS will tighten up as the AMD drivers and windows kernel improves?

Also, I saw elsewhere that the AMD graphics cards work better with Ryzen as well. Just something to consider.
Freight Train
Yeah I did not hear you say WRAITH PRISM here.
What I heard was you naming, like - the worst kind of Prison. lol
Second word not that far off. First word, DEFINITELY not how you say Wraith.
Victor VVG
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Is there ANY reason to buy Intel? Here's the deal (Ryzen 3900X, 1 day ago   19:14

Lisa Su is currently rolling in dolla dolla bills, y'all.




Ryzen 3000 AND Radeon 5000 seriesannouncement on June 10, set launch for July 7th
o @ 34:42 + @ 54:38
Nvidia “Super” tease on May 23rd
Nvidia Super release on July 2nd
o LTT Super review:
o Price changes: @ 0:32
Ryzen 3000 and Radeon 5000 launch on July 7th
o LTT Ryzen review:
o LTT Radeon review:
Ryzen – real star of the show
- Rare example of something actually living up to the hype
o People LINED UP

BIOS update shenanigans
Some people like Anandtech had BIOS that got them lower performance
BIOS didn’t properly enable boost
Some outlets that had ASUS Crosshair mobos might have higher perf – BIOS increased power limit

o XFR frequency shenanigans
Der8auer found that XFR frequencies are included in boost clocks
AMD says we’ll get more out of overclocking the ram / infinity fabric than the processor