Elon Musk Mars video: Elon Musk's 5 Most Outrageous 2 days ago   02:42

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At the International Astronautical Congress, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk unveiled his ambitious plans for interplanetary travel. Afterwords he fielded some very strange questions from the audience...

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Jenifer Mason
0:17 😘 🙋
Blade Combat
this man is a genius just hope he stays fighting for the good of mankind and doesnt sell out
Lance N.
Hi Ellen, are you working on a toilet for Mars?
Peter Hoffmann
We need an iq test for those presentations. It must be higher then 50....
Vikibe K Sumi
what a waste
Wow, these people are about the dumbest bunch of ((hippies)) I've ever had misfortune to hear speak.
These are they very people that would allow us to slip back into the caveman rape culture days.
These hippies have no vision whatsoever and the patience Elon shows is damn near Saintly.
There should be a test to get in to speak with Elon or proof of IQ score.
Rainy Daiz
💎 in the dark
are we gonna have water on mars to wash our shit.. uh.... most stupid question ever..
Aldo:" Is this what Mars is going to be like, a dusty, waterless shitstorm...?"
"today on earth, there are three billion people withou----"
Musk: "sorry guys, no logical questions or pointing out of painful truths... Just here to waste money and time"
Seán O'Brien
but....... i wanaa hear the answers
Mumin Fayaz
Dusty waterless shit storm haha that one is best😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pablo Escobar
the lady thought you were very smart and very good
Levy Schroeder
Let's have a show of hands--does anybody really give a flying eff that the kid went to Burning Man?
You can see the look of pure despair in his face
"Okay yeah I got it, quick question" *Rambles for a while*

Bahar Faza
Jules G
I feel sorry for him. This guy trying to send humanity to Mars and humanity makes him want to go there to get away from them all.
these people are prime trolls lol
I want ask that lady on behalf of all the men...can I do ding dong with you
prateek jevoor
U know what i call these fucker in the audience,

*MUSKitoes* 😂😂😂😂
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Elon Musk's 5 Most Outrageous Elon Musk Mars video: 2 days ago   02:28

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