Marshmello was alone on the streets but too afraid Senior dog with a GIANT tumor 2 days ago   06:05

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We had to do something aggressive to save this dog - there was just no other way. Please help us save more dogs like her by donating any amount no matter how small and join our team:

Thank you L.A Animal Rescue for finding her such a perfect home!
They have many more amazing dogs for adoption, so please check them out here:

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You live
Renee Renee
Go*da**it stop disliking videos!!! Especially this video!!!
DJ Plague Boy
Hi Marshmello 🐶 🐶
Hi Marshmello 🎧 🎧
Hi Mello Gang ❤ ❤
Darkness josmary none of ya biz
UnicornStarGirl Kataha
Ty so much for saving these dogs and cats and others I love you guys so much I really want to meat you guys I love this channel and also keep up the great work ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thea W
You guys can use go pro camera, it can free ur hands and would be easier to do the rescue
Matty Ice
Nice video. But you really should play killshot in the background
I still love you guys for what you do
Meric Mavisu
you guys always making me cry
Sandra Garcia
I am only 9 years old so i dont know what to do
Sandra Garcia
Hope for paws there are 2 homeless dogs in my street i feed them with my sister but cant keep becuase already have 2 dogs please help one of them is scared of humans but the other one is frendly please answer
Samantha Snell
you will make money and we wouldn’t mind. that’s an easy way for us to donate
Citron Blaster
Thank you so much for saving i love u guys
Petra Günther
Auf in ein besseres Leben zu
Женёк Женёк
Молодцы. Спасибо. Хочу работать и спасать животных вместе с вами. У нас в России не возможно представить то что вы делаете для животных, потому что у нас даже не относятся к людям. Если бы вы были бы в России и так же помогали людям,вы бы были знаменитыми. Спасибо вам за то что вы делаете. Молодцы
Euge :3
Awww so cute the dog
Iva Bright
She is sooooo adorable!!! I wish I could've adopted her.
WoodyBuzz Mcqueen
How does this have 96 dislikes people are cruel
Elisabete Souza
Essa mulher é maravilhosa isso que ela faz é fantástico ela merece todo nosso respeito e gratidão ❤
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Senior dog with a GIANT tumor Marshmello was alone on the streets but too afraid 2 days ago   05:15

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When Loreta Frankonyte and I got the call about Minks and Orchid, we were told that their owners abandoned them and drove away. Minks had a giant tumor and hundreds of ticks and fleas, and so did Orchid. The two females were so hungry and they followed us to the Hope For Paws vehicle so we can get them to a much better place :-)

Special thanks to our friends at L.A Animal Rescue for finding Minks and Orchid a loving forever home together :-)


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