Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood Supermodel Shade: Winnie Harlow 1 week ago   03:39

Ahead of receiving the Woman of the Year award at Billboard's Women in Music event, Ariana Grande looks back at childhood photographs and shares advice for her younger self.

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hey could you please check out my imagine music video :)
2:26 africana grande 😍
vicky coras
You were/are sooo cute ♥️♥️♥️♥️🎹🎤🎧🎼🎙🤩🎵🎶😘
The Winningest Duo
Lol “I like my headpiece”
Cassie Fielding
Her voice is so huscky
I don’t understand how someone can be naturally beautiful and then become more and more beautiful
Emperor Jusmoney
Black queen ❤!
piggy smallz
Omg lol
Jaiden Stambaugh
What’s up with the accent tho... y’all really think that’s cute? Or sexy? Smh
Jacob Sartorius
Joe Lang
So hot
Ariana is a God
Why tf is she talking like that
werk bish
she always stays and handles herself so well after all the shit she has been through this year. for sure a great year for her music and tough year for her personal life
werk bish
this really is the year of ariana grande. she is at her prime and will stay that way💫💘
When she said carry on at 2:30 she sounds so much like cat
Tikki loss
Who knew that this little baby could become a great pop star and even a strong lady who lived so much pain in her life.She deserves respect
Dee Creswell
i love her so much oh my gosh
Saskia de ruijter En lotte
Oehn your so besutyfull ❤️
Angela Violet
1:08 Thank you, next
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Supermodel Shade: Winnie Harlow Ariana Grande Reacts to Her Childhood 1 week ago   04:49

Real fam, do you think Winnie Harlow was throwing shade or just speaking her truth?