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Time is money: An animated infographic showing the top three economies throughout history. Does China have the world's largest economy? Is China's economy bigger than America's?

Time is money–the world's largest economies throughout history. At the start of the Common Era, India was the world’s largest economy, followed by China. The far-flung Roman Empire came a distant third.
A thousand years later, it looked almost the same. But third place shifted to Byzantium, in modern-day Turkey.
Five hundred years after that, Italy returned, rich from renaissance trade.
Over several centuries, other European powers vied for third: initially France, and then Britain. China and India swapped places.
After the industrial revolution, the top three economies accounted for less than half of global output.
In the 20th century, America dominated. China temporarily fell away. Russia made the top three. As did Japan. Britain dropped down.
Now the modern world resembles the distant past: China and India are back, along with a single Western economy. And America’s preeminence is over.
China overtakes US as the world's largest economy.

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Meldridge Reed Jr
You should read "The Accidental Superpower","The Absent Superpower" and "Disunited Nations" by Peter Zeihan.
Some Westerners Learn Maths and Science from Vedas and Upanishads from India
And Throw it to West by Taking Credit for it to Gain Name and Fame
మల్లావరపు సహజ్ కుల్దెప్
The British stole $45 trillion from India... Now you why it's called a "developed country" 😒
in maybe a couple of centuries india and china will once be the richest cultures in the world
This is somewhat misleading as it measures the GDP of the past but in areas that conform to today's nation states. So of course "Italy" would be minuscule compared to "India".
It'd be as absurd as if we were to say that the west was then and always will be more prosperous due to the GDP of Rome compared to, for example, the lands ruled by the Chera dynasty .
to those saying history will repeat , indeed ! watch this
this is only because india and china had resources . we had huge rivers basins and our nations thrived . astronomy, medicine ,mathematics, science and philosophy excelled . religions like hinduism, Buddhism ,Confucianism thrived . this is tight slap on the silly white nationalists . you have been number one for less than 300 years that doesn't make you superior to anyone .
lol you can see how britain gained exactly as much india lost and some idiots argue Britain helped india . lmfao
1500 india fell because of muslim invasions . but only the Mughals helped india develop , all other muslim kings took the money back to their own homes like Afghanistan or Iran .
In 1700s there’s a saying that SURAT in current day gujarat had bigger economy than Europe. Let that sink in.
Don #JusticeForAisha
British and Muslim rule destroy India
Wtf ? Where is Germany ? After 1870 Germany had much larger economy than France.And After 1900s Germany surpassed Britain economy and industry and became second only to USA.
Indian Nationalist
British are what they are today are because of India
Oud Loek
Between 1570 and 1700 the Dutch republic was the richest and most powerfull economy in the world. They also invented the first multinational company back then. Ergo, something is missing in this video.
Carl Johnson
Still India have lots of gold & precious diamonds in the temples and most of the treasure is hidden by Indian Kings which can boost it's economy up to18-30 trillion dollars .
India was country of Kings with tons of gold and diamonds.
Dvr Murthy
Fuck the British assholes of 18th centurywho robbed us
Dragon Huang
*2,000 Years of Economic History in One Chart*


Long before the invention of modern day maps or gunpowder, the planet’s major powers were already duking it out for economic and geopolitical supremacy.

Today’s chart tells that story in the simplest terms possible. By showing the changing share of the global economy for each country from 1 AD until now, it compares economic productivity over a mind-boggling time period.

Originally published in a research letter by Michael Cembalest of JP Morgan, we’ve updated it based on the most recent data and projections from the IMF. If you like, you can still find the original chart (which goes to 2008) at The Atlantic.

It’s also worth noting that the original source for all the data up until 2008 is from the late ANGUS MADDISON, a famous economic historian that published estimates on population, GDP, and other figures going back to Roman times.

Caveats aside, there are many stories that materialize from this simple chart. They include the colossal impact of the Industrial Revolution on the West, as well as the momentum behind the re-emergence of Asia.

But there’s one other story that ties it all together: the exponential rate of human economic growth that occurred over the last century.

For thousands of years, economic progress was largely linear and linked to population growth. Without machines or technological innovations, one person could only produce so much with their time and resources.

More recently, innovations in technology and energy allowed the “hockey stick” effect to come into play.

It happened in Western Europe and North America first, and now it’s happening in other parts of the world. As this technological playing field evens, economies like China and India – traditionally some of the largest economies throughout history – are now making their big comeback.
Dragon Huang
*Share of world GDP throughout history*

_Since 1AD until today the world's changed quite a lot. But until 1700AD the balance of wealth hadn't. For the past two centuries the share of the world's GDP has shifted to the west to Europe through imperialism, and technological innovation. With the rise of China that's changing again and this infographic explores the story of balance and unbalance in the world economy courtesy of the data from the Maddison Project_ (
Byzantium is still Rome, just the Eastern bit.... Also I'm pretty sure that the USA still has the highest GDP by a significant margin, China will surpass USA at some point though if the world economy doesn't take a drastic change seeing as they are moving to a very industrial model and the USA is moving away from industry and into an information based model
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Fantasy cartography: Redrawing the map of Europe World's biggest economies throughout 3 months ago   03:26

Fantasy cartography: An animated redrawing of the map of Europe.
Imagine a world in which countries could move as easily as people. A suggestion for a rearranged Europe.

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