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Time is money: An animated infographic showing the top three economies throughout history. Does China have the world's largest economy? Is China's economy bigger than America's?

Time is money–the world's largest economies throughout history. At the start of the Common Era, India was the world’s largest economy, followed by China. The far-flung Roman Empire came a distant third.
A thousand years later, it looked almost the same. But third place shifted to Byzantium, in modern-day Turkey.
Five hundred years after that, Italy returned, rich from renaissance trade.
Over several centuries, other European powers vied for third: initially France, and then Britain. China and India swapped places.
After the industrial revolution, the top three economies accounted for less than half of global output.
In the 20th century, America dominated. China temporarily fell away. Russia made the top three. As did Japan. Britain dropped down.
Now the modern world resembles the distant past: China and India are back, along with a single Western economy. And America’s preeminence is over.
China overtakes US as the world's largest economy.

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I like how Indians are so full of themselves.Europe was always in front of China (India is a joke to even consider it) after the fall of Roman Empire and the Eastern part later called Byzantium, China had a short period of being the best, just because a lot have happened to Europe, due to migrations,conflicts and disease. 1AD-400 Ad Romans, 400 AD-1000 AD Byzantines, 1000-1500 China, 1500-1700 Spain , 1700-1900 British and French , 1945-2019 U.S.A. Europe is the reason we are the way we are today and China played a small part. The modern world happened due to Europe.
Divya Mandalam
That is why India was called "sone ki chidiya" litrally meaning "Golden sparrow" due to its wealth.
kyle harwood
It's funny how Indians and Chinese have pride that a few rich people had a lot of money in their countries at the cost of billions of slaves. Where as in Western countries everybody got a share in the wealth and prosperity of their nation.
Nome Inventado
Russia in 1950? lol
I would want to see 1950 Russian economy without Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania. Turkmenistan and Armenia.
Wrong and disrespectful!
Ella Shy
India was never India in ancient times but many kingdoms how you manage to lump it all in lol therefore its not accurate
Chao Yang
American dominance is an aberration of the history
what about Persian Empire? modern day Iran...
Mike Wang
real GDP nowadays (in 20. century similar. the video got it wrong - also for the ancient world btw.):
"In 2018, Top ten countries in nominal terms are : United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, India, Italy, Brazil and Canada. In ppp terms, Top ten countries are : China, United States, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, United Kingdom and France. In top 10, Eight countries are common in both method. Others two Italy and Canada are in top 10 on nominal basis, while Russia and Indonesia are in top 10 on ppp basis. Contribution of top ten economies is 67.1 percent and 61.54 percent of total global wealth in nominal and ppp terms, respectively. "
Mike Wang
totally nonsense. Germany is missing. and before that Prussia. What the hell is turkey doing there? Economically Russia is similar to Italy. GDP per capita is mostly the western world and the western like like Japan, Singapore/hongkong etc.
Dr. Bowers The Jew Slayer
Lets make asia great again!
There is a problem with this. Rome had by far the largest gdp. This is put on modern borders and Rome was much larger than just present day Italy. Also China and India were divided between several countries, in India’s case more than 20. That would be like saying the mongol empire was was weak because is population inside of present day Mongolia at the time was small. This way of doing things is misleading and wrong. China would not be united until the Qing dynasty and India was never united for more than 150 years at a time. Also the British were in full control of India in 1870, therefore India did not exist. However, I am not saying China or India is weak, Qing was probably the greatest economical power in history, along with the USA(I am Namibian not American). Do understand though that finding info for the whole Roman Empire was difficult, and data was even more scarce outside of the empire.
India was created by the United Kingdom, and there is no truly sustainable unified country, just as you count Europe as a country, so I'm curious about how India counts its economy without a unified one.
Pakkkaran Bk
British ....
Alexandra Daddario
USA was largest economy since 1880, you purposely took that out
The only reason India went under is because their peaceful religions made them vulnerable to invaders and other countries looted em throughout history until 1947 when they got freedom.
Partha Sau
after 1757 British started looting india was out of race but nw india is back and will dominant the economy and regain it's status with 15 yrs..
Winston Wei
They should show B.C. it's all China.
Jimmy Choo
India was the central of civilisation for 3000 years. This magnificent civilisation spreads to China and Persia. But the British destroyed and looted all it's wealth. India will rise again and will remain as a superpower for a long time.
update me
India was rich and technicaly advanced of that time please search or watch on youtube or google how magnificent and great india was ,in the maths , science,arts ,culture,or most you can see the wonderfull architectural designs temple s , buildings stone crafting, jewellery , clothes agricultural products etc.
For some people in comment section -columbus travelled for search to where the richest india is for tarde purpose but he found america with thousend of tribes nothing more.
AND ALSO THE CHANNEL "THE ECONOMIST" IS THE OFFICIAL CHANNEL OF 172 YEARS OLD PUBLISHER COMPANY FOUNDED IN 1843 IN LONDON. The research is also done with the help of imf you can see in video bellow the statistics.
jjj 1
ungu bungu
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Fantasy cartography: Redrawing the map of Europe World's biggest economies throughout 1 day ago   03:26

Fantasy cartography: An animated redrawing of the map of Europe.
Imagine a world in which countries could move as easily as people. A suggestion for a rearranged Europe.

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