Game Theory: Why Eevee is the MISSING The Pokemon Move That Will 6 months ago   15:28

The Game Theorists
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We've done it! We have FINALLY found the answer to what Pokemon Evolution REALLY is! You see, we've all been overlooking the key piece to the puzzle, the lynchpin to the whole problem - EEVEE! This cute little furball is the answer to everything! Today Loyal Theorists, we PROVE Pokemon do not evolve!

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The Game Theorists
Yes, I know I misspoke about the Leaf Stone bit at the end, but the whole "level up in a mossy area" way to get a Leafeon still works with epigenetics. The environment of "mossy" or special areas are acting as the environment triggers to UNLOCK the genetic code. Fighting in a mossy area is forcing the Eevee to evolve in that direction to improve their battle prowess specifically in those environments, hence the genes becoming unlocked.
but that's just a theory... A GAMETE THEORY.
LilEmoChild Jr
Well when my lil bros hair genes start. All my family has brown hair he is still ma little blond boi. He is 11. This is a joke though but really he still is a blond. Parents hair are brown mine is and so is our little sisters. It is funny though
I did not find this upload via notifications..... I found it through a playlist for Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged. Strange? Extremely. Am I complaining? Nope, not at all
big chungus
the intro i think my computer needs a eveloution
Leafy Sea Dragon
Dyami Velasco
Lol I’m nine and in fourth grade thx for explaining it all MatPat 😃
Dan_MD #1
You said why pokemon can evolve not why eevee is the missing link
Elenh Skarlidoy
you just solved one of my larger questions about the meaning of life with this video, and i am not being sarcastic, i love your video, thanks so much for uploading this!!
Emily Law
Mat the intro scared me that I didn't sleep. I don't wanna die! Tell me the truth about this please! I came here for a theory not a scary thing.Please I want to know the truth! And i am NOT seeing it my self. TELL ME NOW!
David Dorito
holy poopy head at 3:30 when he dropped that punnett square thing i looked behind me bc thats literally what i was working on.
Uriel Acosta
But wait... You can cancel evolutions in the game. So, how do we explain that?
Sarah Littlejohn
I love how squirtle just picks up some berries and walks away smiling.
Minecraft Ali
What about megas
Markus Demerius
HOLD THE PHONE! Does that mean every human ''race'' in pokemon evolution terms would be a different ''evolution''?
Man, that’s a lot of Monotremes.
titamon gamer
Saber tooth tigers are canines
Alpha Beta
How about Mew ? Origin Pokémon
the stranger
11:31 and it probably would be illegal,dangerous, and scientists will try to take it from you and also constantly have every news outlet in the world follow you
the stranger
my family has a long line of diabetes and i eat to much and don't exercise at 7:17 matpats face was my reaction to this
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The Pokemon Move That Will Game Theory: Why Eevee is the MISSING 6 months ago   15:20

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