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Taken from the 'Evolution of a London MC Documentary'. A hardhitting social commentary released on NYC based Lion Dub International label. The original was recorded with contemporary Jazz band D*Note in 1994 and was licensed for the Jungle Mania 2 compilation which achieved gold sales status in the UK. This Noah D remix video paints the picture of the stark contrast between the rich and poor class. This one is for all the consciously inclined and is also a wake up call for the socially insensitive! DJ Bailey has been supporting The Bladerunner remix on 1xtra.

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Don Goliath
a murdah!
Nice tune. The "answer" I myself found is called Mathematically Perfected Economy and Absolute Consensual Representation.

If you get interested, link up. Bless
Simon Barjona
From that time till now Navi, talk the ting!
sand man
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d kay - lion dub - bingo 2004 NAVIGATOR ~ INEQUITY WORKER 2011 2 months ago   05:35

d kay - lion dub - bingo 2004