Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo Chris Broussard discusses Paul 3 weeks ago   13:07

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When Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul got into it with each other very early in the 2018-19 season, lots of us wondered what the source of their beef was. Old Olympic team selection grudges? Frustration over perceived slights? Jealousy? Or maybe it's a little bit of all least, as far as we know.


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Frank Nitti
Boyz II Men t-shirts aren`t allowed to be worn by men
Agent Beamstar
8:26 Is that Tyronne Lue!? 🤣🤣
Mandoe Muñoz
Rondo has something Chris will never have , A CHAMPIONSHIP
Paintball wizzard
Do odel beckham junior vs that panthers corner
rwind 9000
Do ray Allen beef with rondo
Chris Ghaly
7:09 had me dying
Jendl Irlandez
I will take Rondo any time anywhere. Yes you can win more regular season games with Chris Paul, but who elevates as the stakes get bigger? It’s Rondo.
why you keep talking about beeves
"beeves" ???
Is that supposed to be the plural of beef?
I had a dream that Jon Bois released a new video, but then I woke up and now I’m sad.

Good video though.
J Music 30
What about the source of CP3's jealousy for Steph? 😂😂. Lmao it's like bro.. Steph was in YOUR basketball camp. Whatchu mad fo'
Insane Ninja
A fist bump and a high five
Top 10 photos taken seconds before disaster
Ceasar Turner
Rondo thought he was going to make it on the redeem team they need to drug test him 😂😂😂
Cinquay Heron
I wasted 13:06 minutes of my life with this bs
Swaggy Gamer-YT
I’m just confused what basically started the beef
Robert Gollnick
at 0:59 bottom right #7 is shawn marion?
Matt Scott
Now that's 3 times Doc vetoed a chance at getting a star for his team

1. In the 2000 season, Tim Duncan was close to landing with T-Mac in Orlando but coach Doc said that Timmy's girlfriend wasn't allowed on the team plane.

2. As mentioned in the video, Doc allegedly vetoed a CP3 deal because he didn't want his buddy in Nola to deal with Rondo

3. In 2017 the Clippers had an opportunity to land Melo for just Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford and Austin Rivers. But Doc supposedly said no because he didn't wanna trade his son.

I see a trend...
Zach Lavine
Your videos are so good and professional. Love them
Rajon Rondo
It ain’t nun like that he touched me and I spazzed out
Luke Roberts
rondos garbage and got carried by 3 hall of famers lol
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Chris Broussard discusses Paul Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo 3 weeks ago   09:10

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