The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner 2 days ago   13:55

The Atlantic
Dag Aabye is a septuagenarian Ultra Marathon champion who lives completely off the grid. Can two filmmakers track him down—and if so, what will they find? Read more:

"Never Die Easy" was directed by Adam Maruniak and Justin Pelletier. It is a part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

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electro Smith
What does it take walk way
richard weston
kyle Driver
I hope he doesn’t fall in the woods alone... not smart
Can anyone name the song at the end?
Heavy Metal
Hmm love it.migt just do that done with corporate govt fake people. Living to pay for things you think you have to .brake your back working to fuel the means nothing to me anymore.i dont think it ever has.i know the few i love are there,and the ones who love me are there but not here. I need to go live away from the box ,been in it to long.
mike virdiramo
Hi I hear you loud and clear Thank you i Love your movement Please keep n touch
Tom Waite
The quality of the video and edit was good but the content was eclipsed to two millennial s that were not worthy of the quest...
TYR Galloway
Dag looks sleepy.
Dustin25369 adamas
Damn hipsters making terrible documentaries. This could have been good.
Pea Sea
We know Dag. He is such a nice man. He is my Dad's friend. He runs from Silver Star Mountain to Vernon and sometimes I've seen him in Armstrong. He is so humble and sweet. A legendary skier and runner in these parts.🇳🇴
Wow I'm glad these film majors got paid for something. Too bad they didn't deserve it
I drink beer and make trails. Big deal
Andreana's Unusuals
awkward interview
Poetic and inspiring.
Alex Kalicki
Trying way to hard to make it interesting and mysterious when the guy is already interesting enough....not hating on the camera work like it's good cinematics but just story wise it could have been done so much better.
Is this a trailer ?
Hales Rymel
Why are they so dramatic? I'd much rather what a solid 13 mins of him talking, than the 8.5 minutes of drama that this started with.
Snobby Goth
12:30 can anyone tell me the name of the song please?
Roger Phillips
He has his social security check to fall back on
Easy street LOL
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The High Fat Diet of an Ultra Runner The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America 2 days ago   12:58

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