Fun with Little Tykes "My First How To Make Drone with Camera 5 months ago   04:17

Fun with Little Tykes "My First Drone" 😊🤣😜 This is aimed at absolute beginners and it is still fun to fly. It has a height detector that helps it maintain a steady level above a flat surface so all you need to do is turn it every so often to stop it drifting into the wall etc. You can make it climb and descend too and it does that very gently giving you plenty of time to follow it. It is another one of my charity shop finds so it is pre-owned and probably not quite as long running as it was when it was new.

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Comments 14 Comments

Intresting they try to make it look like a quod.
Luke Gough
Aw I can remember when you did the charity shop video about that and it just spun out of control and fell of the table good to see it flying
RC Dre
I want one now great video buddy:)
boss hogg24
Super stable
MC's Creations
Really nice, Grandad! 😀
Beautiful little thing!
Seems to fly very well. May be a Action Man tool of sorts. Rescue, ect. Although I don't think it would carry him, it could bring some kind of supplies to a cliff edge or ?? Just my mind wandering.. : )
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How To Make Drone with Camera Fun with Little Tykes "My First 5 months ago   07:07

Hello Friends, in this video im going to show you how to make a drone using DIY Drone kit.

FPV Goggles:
Brushless Drone Kit:

Configuration Video


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