Hoover Dam Will Be A Dead Cesspool Creepy Abandoned Military Ships. 2 days ago   11:25

Will Hoover dam and Lake Mead be dry by 2021? It really looks that way according to all reports, studies and observations. I am traveling the Lake Powell area, Grand Canyon Area and Hoover Dam area in March 2017 I will be from one end to the other kicking ass and taking names trying to find out where all the water went. If you would like to help out and like what I do here you can use this link and its always appreciated.

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Thom Fisher
Your knowledge of the Colorado River System and dams is pretty slim. Maybe you'd understand "where the water went" if you understood the original compact and downstream water allocations. This goes back decades. The water from the Colorado River water shed is OVER ALLOCATED and taken out long before it gets to Mead. By the time it gets to the Gulf of California the river is nothing but a trickle. It's been that way for decades. Thank the greedy developers and ranchers and agricultural concerns for pulling every last drop out of the river. As more and more development takes place in the arid desert of the southwest more and more water is taken out. However, there's only a finite amount of water to go around. How about you read the book (1968) "A River No More" and similar texts for some facts. Climate Change (note I say this in caps....for emphasis that I am speaking of Al Gore's Climate Change, not natural changes) is not a factor here. Whether there is a drought or not is up for question, but there is only so much water to around.
And Donald trump said there’s no basis to Global warming . I guess we all have to wake up sometime .
William Harvey
Peter Gambier
Interesting take on what's happened to the water. I don't really think that the elites' stealing the water is the reason, it's global warming and people wasting water by washing their cars and watering their gardens, we should only water the vegetables that we use and certain sections of the community using water for washing their feet and hands for religious purposes should also be stopped.
We must all completely change our water ways from excessive amounts of clothes washing to bathing or showering twice a day.
Sorry to say it but the music was pretty awful and at about 10.40 Sadens has 2 D's. Have a nice day.
Sharting Khumbubbles
stop with the gay music already , where did people EVER get the idea that this would entice people to watch a video ? your a FarQuad !
I was hoping the music for this video could've been louder & more annoying.
Clay Leto
I think we're all pretty tired of California anyway.
Great news! It looks like your “cesspool theory” isn’t going to work out! President Donald J Trump just signed The Colorado River drought contingency plan, a plan that will cut back on the use of water from the Colorado River, (which serves 40 million people). The plan will ensure Lake Mead will have enough water for both consumption and hydropower. Mexico has also agreed to store water in Lake Mead.

All of this is good news and (as Steve Schmengle pointed out), as of today 4/17/19, Lake Mead is up much more than was forecasted and there is record snow pack soon to be melting and heading our way.

This means Lake Mead will avoid Darkskywatcher75’s dead lake predictions! Just last week we were boating, camping and catching some feisty Stripers out there. The water is low, no doubt about it. Here in Las Vegas we are consuming a lot less water than our allotment and we keep improving those numbers.

Lake Mohave just below Hoover Dam is the highest I’ve seen in recent years. We were boating there two weeks ago and struggled to find a private beach because the water was so high the beaches were gone.

Hopefully those water stealing underground city dwelling Elites won’t read this or they may take more water!
Show Cat
Nearly half of YT videos are ruined by stupid, ridiculous music.
sayyam zahid
Good video
Steve Schmengle
actually 2019 Hoover dam update the lake Lake Mead is up 13 ft so far your today this being April 2019. It's expected that's going to come up a whole lot more because of the snow melt.
And now the drought is over, the coming disaster proved not to be coming, all the "reports studies and observations" were self-serving and incorrect and this guy is broken hearted. Of course it's still insane to build huge cities in the desert, this area has had droughts that lasted 100 years in the past and is likely to again eventually.
Epsensieg 18
Die of thirst you fucker.
David Williams
People move to the Southwest to escape humidity. With the increase in population, more water is used in a desert. Waddya think is gonna happen anyway? But I'll bet the level has come up in recent years (this IS 2019 after all).
hilham 89
Ever think nature just said fuck y'all. Maybe nature is trying to point something out and y'all just dont get it.
Mike B
More fakenews
Cary Katzenberger
Thanks to California. Mo re w worried about there grape Vinyard
YL Calif
Open borders = depletion of everything
deuce bigalow
the end in 12 years....oh no.....
Paul Beck
Isn't there a record snow pack about to melt? How much will that bring up the level.
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