How to Model Tarmac using Metcalfe Metcalfe Stone Built Wayside 5 months ago   17:28

Kathy Millatt
Tarmac or asphalt is used all over the world for everything from car parks and roads to yards and docks. There are a multitude of different modelling techniques and over the next few videos I'll look at some of them. This video is looking at Metcalfe Tarmac Sheets and how easy it is to use them.


Metcalfe Models Tarmac Builder Sheet MOO56 OR any printed paper with a tarmac pattern on. is a good place to start.
Grey pens to hide the edges and underneath where the paper butts up.
Pritt or Glue Stick
Woodland Scenics Ground Foam - Blended Turf - Earth Blend - T1350
White Glue
Static Grass (I used WWS/Peco Spring 2mm
Static Grass glue and applicator
Pigments such as Mig Pigments Industrial City Dirt P039 (now discontinued)
Pigment Fixer


00:13 Real World
00:59 Method
14:56 Final Result
15:19 Mini Kathys

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Mark Grygielewicz
I just join up tarmac sheets using road markings and darker and lighter patches were workers have repaired the road, you can also make them straight across as if water or cable has been dug up, basically I try and make my road look more natural and dishevelled and this really does hide that damn dirty lines...
Good skills - thanks!
Mark Peacock
Could you use “wet & dry” paper as tarmac?
Chris Andersen
for car park when there be like mud and mukund oil stains on the tarmac, what would be a good way to make that love? I'm sorry you're so cold perhaps you could relocate to blood tropics and model Saint Kitt railway in the Caribbean or somethiing, love you wouldn't need your sweatshirts and stuff so I could do your videos in your bikini LOL
Pinkhair Machinima
Have you tried opaque black hot glue? It looks a lot like the seams you get where they repair asphalt by covering up cracks, with a similar dull shine.
David Bruton
Mig , sorry, cannot type .
David Bruton
NiG Productions have returned to the market. so now we have 3- brands to choose from
J Griffiths
Hi Kathy,

I've only just found your channel and I'm really glad I have, I've been working my way through your videos and not only am I really enjoying them (especially the Mini's), but I am also learning so much, thank you so very much for taking the time and effort to make them...

I'm just trying to make a diorama for my model cars and for the road surface I am using the underside of some shed roofing felt which looks a lot like some of the roads in my area and the printed sheets you have used, plus, if you use the topside of the felt, it looks like the cheap surface repairs they do just using tar and those stones that just love windscreens 😉, I just thought I'd let you know incase you needed a road surface outside...

Many thanks...

Thanks for sharing .
Sorry but you can easily see the bulk of the join........may be OK for a railway but it's not a diorama standard ......its rubbish
Joe G
How has those tarmac sheet held up over the past 10 months?
CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby
Ok I made a video just for you head over and check it out. Video titled as(A short video for Kathy Millatt) thanks and hope you find it useful
CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby
Hi Kathy I use sandpaper for my asphalt roads and parking lots it works great and if you just fold the paper up it gives you some of the best looking cracks in the world worn out sand paper with cloth backing works the best and it's very easy to weather and get all the techniques you want without having to go through a lot of trouble literally it allows you to cut every corner of modeling a beautiful Road the hard way and doing it in just a few minutes
Another glue that I would recommend trying is a good bookbinder's glue (like Yes! Paste) or a wallpaper border paste. I do dollhouse miniatures and those are my go to glues for attaching wallpaper to wooden dollhouse walls. It lasts a lot longer than a glues stick and shouldn't buckle the papers.
why not use black sand paper?
I loved the way the grassy patches turned out.
Shame about the mini Kathy complaining about the temperature range. I guess in a couple of months she'll be complaining it's too hot with the layout lights turned on. Just tell her to get a sun dress and quit whining ... oh wait, I just remembered, she doesn't listen to you. :)
Paul Hennessy
Nice vid. Thanks for sharing the technique. Personally, I still prefer to use sandpaper. Laying, shaping, etc.,  is much the same and application of some pigments can really make it pop.
great job Kathy, the edges look fantastic. but how do you hide the straight seem between the 2 sheets.. nothing in the world would ever be that straight, just a thought but what if you took the 2 sheets and cut them together,, making curved lines, high light with marker,, and one big crack???
Al Wood's Modelling Mayhem
Another great video thanks Kathy.
Nathan Jenkins
Please check out Amery Junction on YouTube worthwhile a look ! New channel uk 🇬🇧
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Metcalfe Stone Built Wayside How to Model Tarmac using Metcalfe 5 months ago   12:15

A review of the Metcalfe Stone Built Wayside Station (PO238), showing the contents of the pack in detail and my methods for construction. This card kit includes the rear steps/ramp and wall sections, along with a fine laser-cut GWR bench seat. Another great kit and fun to build.