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Ein O's Morse Code Box Kit Revisited. One of my "Charity Shop - Gold or Garbage?" finds. It cost me £1. It should have been a simple assembly but it wasn't. I have no idea how old this kit is but one of the wires on the piezo transducer had fallen off and all the spring leaf connectors were pretty useless for connecting the wires and I ended up soldering the components together just to get it working.

FULL BUILD https://ai-tube.com/videoai/ReBtJZPH-mp
SHORT https://ai-tube.com/videoai/go-L9981pPf

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RC Dre
wow that's a supercool bit of kit there my good friend :)
Altering the resistor or the capacitor may bring the sound more in hearing range. I did hear both actually, but my hearing is as well getting worse with the years. You could learn a few letters in Morse .. ..
Everything I Should Hear, that is: E I S H, E=1 dot, I=2 dots, S=3 dots and H=4 dots. (in Dutch the way to remember this is 'En Ik Sein Hard' which would translate to And I Morse(signal) Loud.
And we all know the O from S.O.S., it is 3 dashes. That's all I can remember! Let's hope we never really need it.
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Taking Magnets out of a microwave Ein O's morse code kit Revisited 5 months ago   07:27

This video shows how I take microwave magnets out of a microwave.
I hang screwdrivers, pliers, saw blades, etc on them. I hold up maps, building plans, instructions, etc...with them. I pick up nails, screws etc... with them..... the list goes on.. AND here's another cool thing I do with them:

DISCLAIMER: It can be very dangerous to take microwaves apart. The capacitor can hold a charge even if the microwave has been unplugged for a while. YOU CAN GET SHOCKED! There are other risks such as the ceramic piece that holds a dangerous substance.... if this is broken and contents inhaled, there can be serious consequences to your health. Don't attempt this if you are not willing to accept the risk of shock, inhalation or other injury! In fact.... don't even do this unless you have researched ALL the threats.