Stephen Jackson explains how Paul LeBron won’t win another title 1 day ago   11:18

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Stephen Jackson explains how Paul George's move to Clippers affects his legacy

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Htown Lifer
why exactly was Kawhi supposed to be working on anyones timeline other than his own he has in his mind?
Vishaal Venugopal
no lie.....if i ever found out jack...the realest of the real was talking bs....i'd never watch yt again
Deon Valentine
Oh I thought the east was butter it was so hard did it on his own didn't play 22 games joined an already playoff team but did it on its own
Applaud him for A change Skip
You never know what my boy Kawhi got under his belt
It did wore him down. We all seen that
Marcel Planter
The fact that he stayed away from the NBA to heal himself and not listen to the spurs staff that wanted him to play. This man was smart enough to listen to his body so I'm sure we all know this is a very quiet but smart man
Kyle Bonner FanDuel Come Join the Fun
Fat Jesus and The Zodiac Killer
KD? No no we call him "Katie"
David Bennett
Only thing I hate is that we know about the injuries to gsw,but regardless they take away from the accomplishments of the Raptors and what they did.

It isnt Toronto fault gsw had injuries, but they still won. That's a fact stop taking away from their accomplishments and what they accomplished by pulling the injury card.
PW McGowan
mine opinion...he is going to lakers with 2 years with Paul George . so it would be a mean 3 in Lakerland...without Lebrat James
Wait Paul George has a legacy, this dude ain't done jack shit
arf shesaid
bla bla shanny, u were wrong big time just admit it, and holy fuck , he won nothing on his own, were gonna find out this year how much was on his own. Load management bs, Raptors were a hair from going further, and anything that was on his own was because hes a BELOW average passer. Cant believe Jackson actually thinks mr. quiet won it by himself, cant believe im saying go Lakers, go Raptors
Laurence Fenske
It’s a slap in the face to the Raptors to continue with the narrative Kawhi did it “on his own “ it’s getting old
Mike Thaxton
What legacy ? The one in which he is over-rated and over-payed ? Don't worry that wont change !
Jeremy James
I remember when Stephen Jackson was in the stands fighting fans while he played for Indiana. He was getting dusted by a fan until his team mates came to his rescue lol
Pat Smith
What he did to the Spurs? it's more what the Spurs did to him.
DigiGod : Digimon Gamer
paul george has a legacy ? who knew
Beede Bawng
"After you win a championship on your own."

This clown is really disrespectful of Kawhi's Toronto teammates.
tuf amin
All I can say is us fans are getting sick of star players chasing rings and switching teams. Are we gonna have to boycott these stupid players before they will settle down? I have no problem canceling my NBA Pass subscription and as a matter of fact I may wait until I purchase it this year. If players are not loyal to FANS, FANS will not be loyal to players. I used to like Lebron until he left Miami and went back to Cleveland…..WTF? Then he bolts to the Fakers? Whatever dog. Watch us all find something else to do and these guys will be back at the bargaining table in a few years. College football is wayyy better anyway.
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LeBron won’t win another title Stephen Jackson explains how Paul 1 day ago   11:27

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the legacies of LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard on today's show. Hear why Skip thinks Kawhi’s decision to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers effectively ended LeBron’s championship possibilities.

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LeBron won’t win another title since Kawhi didn’t join him — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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