Tony Robbins: Stop Your Releasing Negative Thoughts Spoken 4 months ago   27:49

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Tony Robbins: Stop Your Negative Thoughts (Tony Robbins Depression)
Live in the present – and in a beautiful state.
Once you’ve learned how to break your negative state and adopt empowering, positive beliefs, the next challenge is to maintain that state. What is your definition of a beautiful state? Is it grateful, playful, curious, loving? Once you identify which power emotions give you the most joy, cultivate them and keep them alive.

Tony Robbins
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Ricardo Macias
"Always move forward". Never degress always progress.
Learn to be happy with the small things. There is joy in simplicity and from it joy in big things.
Gary Hayden
We will avalanche ourselves under this type of thinking.
I wonder what Tony Robbins would say in regards to people claiming that everything we do is determined. If anyone can develop anyone's free will, it's Tony Robbins.
Kelly L.
Well, I'd still like to win the lottery ..
happy water
Make sure I'm not talking about Tony... Don't know if the same ad. shows up each time, want to block him off YouTube by saying nonsense stuffs and dare to advertise on a smart video.
happy water
Stupid guy from the ad... If only one question can turn the man away ... THEN He is not the one. YOU BETTER Kick that ass man out of your life before him turning away
*>> Thé́́ “🅼🅰🅶🅸🅲🅰🅻” śćí́́é́́ńćé́́ Bé́́hí́́ńd Thé́́ 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 ( Ḿőtí́́́vá́́́tí́́́őńá́́́ĺĺĺ 🅻🅰🆆 🅾🅵 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽 ) ≧◉◡◉≦ >> Ⓡ ✔️ ***

"ඔබේ විශ්වාසයන් වෙනස් කරන්න, ඔබේ සැලැස්ම වෙනස් කරන්න, ඔබේ ජීවිතය වෙනස් කරන්න"
elizabeth hollins
Don't bother!! Commercial st the start, commercial 1.5 minute in. The content is on many just other channels without the distracting bombardment of ads.
Health Life
My biggest fear was when I was diagnosed with two of the scariest terminal diseases 10 years ago. That time I didn't even know about the Law Of Attraction etc.. I managed to completely overcome one of them by conditioning my mind with positive thoughts. Although I'm still on medication on one of them, it's manageable and I call it a miracle. So what is being said in this video really works because I'm living proof. I hope this video motivates others. Thanks Tony!!
I wish I could just take his words and perform action instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself with the doom and gloom that permeates my thoughts in daily life...
Rostam Ali
thanks alot
Fred Kuglin
Moving forward = Progress = Alive
Katie Strand
Tony mentions a "show" on Hulu or whatever... To what show is he referring?
Issa Darwich
Thumbs up! Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.
luchtaine reilly
'we grow or we die'
elizabeth hollins
Beware: many commercials scattered throughout. Just about the moment he's prepared to make a profound, life-changing statement, a jarring commercial starts and breaks the momentum.
Hakaraia Baker
Progress equals growth, growth equals feeling alive,
Henry Alexander
You will read through a great deal of fact ideas on this treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it) which is also clear and understandable. After the healing process, I decided to volunteer at a shelter and I could not be happier than helping other people. I really didn`t have directions in life before I read through this book. I had been taking antidepressants for almost three years and had locked myself away from the world..
Harris JL
Grow or die
Christian Gutierrez
The ads in the middle of the video totally fucking kill it.
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Releasing Negative Thoughts Spoken Tony Robbins: Stop Your 4 months ago   34:55

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Spoken Affirmations to release negativity and develop a calm and peaceful mind.
Affirmations used in this recording:
Right now, I choose to be at peace with myself
I release all thoughts that no longer serve me well.
I create my own happiness in my life
I allow my thoughts to drift to a positive and peaceful place
I'm making every effort to forgive myself and others
I am always in harmony with the universe
With each breath, I relax my muscles in my body and release tension
I am filled with the love of the universal power within
Today, I choose to release all barriers that are holding me back
My mind is now free
I release any worries of unimportant things
With every breath I take, I allow my mind to relax deeply
I choose to react in a positive way in all situations
The things I don't like, I either accept them, or can change them
I am what I think, so I choose to think positive thoughts
On each breath out, I release old negative thought patterns
I leave negativity behind
Things are going alright for me today
Tomorrow is going to be even better
I create my own space for satisfaction
I choose to make happiness my number 1 goal in life
Each day I awaken with an attitude of gratitude
I let go of all tension that is within me,
I am open to a deep calmness inside me
Right now, I relax my shoulders