New Nile Co: The Red Sea Project massawa city..(batsie') 3 months ago   09:57

Howard Weiss

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Somaliano Hussein
He see middleast is in africa right they still telling this to you
oduseas konstandopoulos
Can i come to work for this project?
Robin Rozenhart
There are so many options and good plans, but there are always problems. What is the biggest problem for this project? Money and a stable goverment?
Younis Taha
Any updates on this? Has it gone into production?
Vijith Premasinghe
Nicely put together Howard. Did not know that the scale of such issues affecting Egypt. Are you doing the voice over?
Very impressive!
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massawa city..(batsie') New Nile Co: The Red Sea Project 3 months ago   00:56

streets of massawa city one walks around during day time very hot,at night its different story...