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Kitchen Nightmares
Gordon returns to the re-launched Ruby Tate's for a surprise visit, will the changes he implemented still be in effect? Or have the staff gone back to their old bad habits.

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Untitled Gaming
Poor dude, lost his business in the credit crunch in 2009
Trev Moran
That has got to be the worst Scottish accent I've ever heard from a Scot.
Snake Eyed Ghoul
One of the best re-visits on the show, hands down
Honestly, British Fish n chips always looks terrible. If you want great fish and chips you need to go to New Zealand.
Nathan Prescott
Why the fuck are the fish and chips in a metal tray
UsuallyMOLLY11 Randoms
Gordon: And im Jimmy
Camera man: And im TIMMY
Felix Crawfurd
Where in Brighton is this?
Elyas Yusuf
BENZYT // benzmcpe1234
My name is *j e m m e h*
Wow...for a Scot, he did the worst Scottish accent in the beginning
JakeVilla 16
Why is there never music in the background?

According to this article, Alan Love is not too happen about Ramsay and blames him for his restaurant shutting down.

"Owner of the latest restaurant to close – Love’s Fish Restaurant in Brighton - Allan Love said, "I'm now destitute, I've lost my business, my home and I'm penniless.

“Ramsay leaves a little guy in the s*** and just makes himself look great."
Davide C.
This was so sweet omg
0:38 Fuckin PUFF
Amari Shaheed
Offizieller Kanal von Doggen-Tee
2:19 Did Gordon eat Fast food for the first time??


Ok, it’s British fast food...
Mirza Ahmed
Julio Orantes
Ramsey is a good guy people, a good guy. Strict, yes. Passion, yes
Rick Mothersdale
Where does gordon go for fish and chips becoz 9 times out of ten the ones I get from takeaways are crispy
Kori Jenkins
Its sad that most of these restaurants close, but when they're at such a low that calling a reality tv show for help is their only option, they're usually on an irreversible course.

That being said, while the restaurant may have ultimately closed, they probably managed to eliminate a significant portion of their debt.
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