The PRISONER Origin Story.... LYNX AND DRIFT HAVE A BABY! 2 months ago   11:48

Fortnite Seasons
The prisoner wasn't always disfigured and locked up in The Ice Kings dungeon. Once we was a normal boy with a mom and dad but after they were lost, The Ice King took him in and trained him to be just like him, so how did he end up in the dungeon??

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Fortnite Seasons
Is The Prisoner Good or Evil??
anta ndiaye
They need aim
Quiana Parler
This is so cool
Victoria Borquez
why is the PRISONER still smiling when his mom and dad died
_ MrLlama _
This is amazing little lizard! I enjoyed this story every second of the story! keep up the good work!
Brian Cristaudo
why does the ice king have a fire pickaxe and what is the music when ice king fights boi
man tep
The ice king came out of nowhere
plush gamers
I got ninja redbull ad that said u can play with him if u put a photo of u playing fortnite
Fsgs Fsgscfshsh
It's not real and it's just a click bate
Shakarious Welch
I got the prisoner skin
Katherine Lungu
the prisoner is evil no durrrrrr
OJE Gaming
WAIT-WAIT-WAIT hen did he lern how to fly so quickly?
Impossibly Rediculous
hammoudi anani
steve---->bam----->PRISONER....HOW P
Bryan Doh
Look him up
Bryan Doh
Every one is talking about the ice and the fire king but what about the storm king in save the world
Trey Garrison
M34 ontage
J’ai rien pcq chui fr`
Bryan Doh
His name is not prisoner he is the fire king
Soul Siblings
If he wants to kill Tomato man then why does he have a picture of him on the plane
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LYNX AND DRIFT HAVE A BABY! The PRISONER Origin Story.... 2 months ago   10:40


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Lynx and Drift are visited by Mushu the dragon God and Sgt. Winter. After a quick mission briefing about Evil Zenith, Sgt. Winter tells Lynx and Drift they are going to be parents! A real Mommy and Daddy! Mushu now is delivering children in egg form.

Confused on how to hatch an egg, Lynx seeks the help of Fishstick. Fishstick, being born from an egg himself, must be an expert (or "eggs" - pert).

But once Fishstick and Lynx return to Frosty Flights, Drift has already hatched the egg. It's a moody teenager named Lace! Lace storms off to hang out with her friends, and Fishstick is in love.