Has Landon Collins played his last 5 months ago   34:43

The Giants have won 3 of the last 4 games and are favored against Redskins as football takes precedent over finding a QB of the future. But, what does Landon Collins' injury mean for his future with the team?

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Honestly, I'd let him walk. I don't think he's worth the money. George Kittle, Zach Ertz, and all TEs expose him in coverage.
I also think he quit on the team last season
Aaron Rain
Do u see the difference with him not there we blow teams out
Aaron Rain
Landon Collins cant cover anymore
Michael Newell
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Tramaine Terrance
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BC Bob
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energy phocused
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Co-intell Pro
Play Lauletta behind Flowers and Omameh. You're hilarious. When Shurmur only gives Saquon 14 touches will you blame Lauletta? You guys are blaming Eli for being sacked 50 times and key drops? Let Eli play out his contract. Solder is getting 70 million to get beat like a drum game after game. Our staff hasn't developed talent consistently since Ernie Accorsi. Reese has been gone one year and there are already no players from his regime on the roster. But it's Eli's fault. Okay. How are these so-called Franchise QB's looking? Darnold sucks, Mayfield is a turnover machine, Rosen sucks, Allen has durability issues and sucks. We have mediocre coaching and a terrible O-line. #10's play is not the problem but a symptom of the problem. Putting a young QB behind a poor O-line, with a poor gameplan, with a front office that routinely wiffed in the draft, overpaid for old, hurt, free agents and a defense that ranks in the top half of the league only 2-3 times in his entire career is OBVIOUSLY a recipe for success. What are the odds he squeezes 2 Super Bowl Rings outta that? 0.00000000001%. Before you bury my guy, how about signing linemen who can pick up stunts, blitzes and open up running lanes.
Jeffrey Abbey
Tag him or pay him

Letting go of #21 is a foolish decision or idea

He wants to be here. He is solid. Keep him

He is doing his job.

Giants need a FS. To help Landon.
Giants find a FS with speed and can HIT... then we are set

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Has Landon Collins played his last 5 months ago   02:29