How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan What is the best diet for humans? 4 months ago   11:22

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18-year-old Boyan Slat combines environmentalism, entrepreneurism and technology to tackle global issues of sustainability. After diving in Greece, and coming across more plastic bags than fish, he wondered; "why can't we clean this up?"

While still being on secondary school, he then decided to dedicate half a year of research to understand plastic pollution and the problems associated with cleaning it up.
This ultimately led to his passive clean-up concept, which he presented at TEDxDelft 2012.
Working to prove the feasibility of his concept, Boyan Slat currently gives lead to a team of approximately 50 people, and temporarily quit his Aerospace Engineering study to completely focus his efforts on The Ocean Cleanup.

The progress of The Ocean Cleanup can be followed through,, as well as
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Guy Van De Weijer
This video sucks
David Joyce
this video is professional AND awesome. :-)
why isn't the world hyping Boyan Slat instead of this sixteen year old girl who refuses to go to school until someone solves the climate change problem rather than going to school and learn how to solve the problem by herself.
boo boo
and when you sell that plastic how do you know that the person that bought it wont use it and throw it out in to the ocean again ? and if this goes around than its not cleaning and if he doesn't throw it in the ocean he can throw it in other waters and u cant clean those. so instead of focusing on selling the plastic and becoming rich how about you focus on saving the world .
Gustav Skans
Brilliant kid. But what a boring audience - hardly reacting to what he’s saying. Don’t they get what he’s trying to tell them?
The best thing you can do for yourself now, is to stop eating meat & so you're not on plastics food chain. (?)
Liam Rademeyer
Duo Dudes
Phil Phil phil phil phil phil
Andrew Grey
Sounds perfect. Listen to this kid, somebody. After this, the mess in earth orbit we also created.
In The Dm's
I need this in Nigeria but Africa in general
Nigel Carruthers
So this video was uploaded more than 6 years ago. Has any of this happened, or even been started as a pilot project? Haven't heard anything about it. Boyan is now at least in his mid-20s. What's he doing now? He said this could be done in 5 years. Did he not get enough funding, or what?
Nigel Carruthers
2 problems: once you get the plastic to make contact with, and accumulate in, these super wide nets, how do you haul it in? Also, how do you prevent sea life from getting caught up in these giant nets? We're talking everything from minnows to whales here.
Peter Bruun Sejersen
This midt be the smallest efford er vant manager! Behaviorisme is the next!!!
Peggy Lynn
think pizza
this will help me a lot for my exhibhition
Toxic masculinity at work again 😎
benjamin hawkins
Amazing concept.i wish he'd drink some water or something to stop that weird, and distracting moist mouth noise
Adam Thompson
Poor guy needs some water. That cottonmouth has got him by the balls. Having said that, I think this is fascinating and I think he’s going to make a life changing invention.
shingo k
I was surprised that Boyan reached the estimate of plastic waste, which is 7.25 tons by researching the issue!!
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What is the best diet for humans? How the oceans can clean themselves: Boyan 4 months ago   19:13

Prof. Eran Segal presented conclusions from the research on the TEDxRuppin stage and made us question common dietary beliefs.

For additional information see

New research led by Prof. Eran Segals and Dr. Elinavs research unit indicates a drastic change in blood sugar levels between two individuals on identical diets - this may explain why some struggle to lose weight while others, on the same diet, stay lean and fit. The scientists even developed an algorithm that can calculate ones blood level based on his or her biology and lifestyle.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at