Single pipe silent Pop Pop boat DIY Cheap and easy-ish Soda Can Stirling 1 day ago   12:15

Single pipe silent Pop Pop boat SHORTENED VIDEO

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Main Components
Aluminium tube
Pressure gas capsule/bulb/canister (empty OBVIOUSLY)
Tea light or candle

Some history on Pop Pop boats you look at this Wikipedia link on the subject they have been around since at least 1891 when a patent was filed by a Frenchman named Thomas Piot.

Water in the boiler is turned to steam. The steam has a greater volume than the water so it pushes out of the boiler and down the tube. In the tube it cools, condenses and contracts so it is drawn back into the boiler and the process repeats. The action of the steam pushing into the tube pushes the existing water in the tube out the back and that drives the boat forwards. The steam condensing and contracting draws water back into the tube ready for the next push.
If your next question is "why doesn't the boat oscillate backwards and forwards due to this push-pull effect?" try blowing a candle out and then try sucking a candle out and you will see the blow is fairly directional but the suck is not.

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Daryl Foster devotes his channel to Putt Putt boats and here is the first one on his channel also back in 2009
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Here is the link to DaveHax tutorial which I found excellent
sciencetoymaker has a full step by step tutorial series on putt putt (pop pop) boats starting in January 2009 with episode 1 here
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This link that explains the general annealing process without getting too technical and here is a YouTube video on the subject by George Goehl

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Daryl Foster
Hi Grandad. Can't beat recycling/re-purposing . I like it. In looking at this design and thinking about Slater's I'm wondering if Jean-Yves and collaborators work with tube bends would make any difference. I'm referring to having the tubes leaving the boiler for a short distance at an upward angle first. You can see it easily in this video.
Seemed to work for me. Cheers. Daryl.
Atomic Shrimp
Heh - you beat me to it - I picked up one of those gas canisters off the pavement last week and I was planning to use it as the boiler on a boat!
anthony belcher
Great job
Cool Post . Thanks . Have you ever been into this steam turbine model boat thing   I had a book on the idea and it seems to go back to the 1930's .
I would be inclined to drill a hole in the cylinder at the sealed end to make filling easier. Then use a self-tapping screw to close the hole for use.
thehappylittlefox aka benji
that was an interesting one ! you could try making yourself a test track of sorts with a length of guttering and use that as a trough your boats will have to be a bit narrow though just a thought or have you already done that !
Satch'mo's Creations
You should make a driveable pop pop boat.
The way it suddenly revs up is very cool. Enjoyed that :)
Doc Ink
cool idea with the co2 canister, I was thinking of making a single tube boiler because
i though my .25 copper tube was too big but you make a good point about the air getting trapped which I didnt consider. I like your inner "straw" if its long enough you can suck the air out..
John Walker
I think I have to agree with you. I don't like this design either. But it has great potential and you should go on with it grandpa!
Tommy enoch robinson aka pete mw6zan
Nice upload after seeing your enthusiasm with putt putt boats I'm going to have a go, that was a brilliant idea using the soda bottle co2 gas canisters I'm thinking of drilling a hole in the top and using a seal screw to ease filling the heater tank up. Thanks for the interesting upload.
Chandler Justice
Nice video
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DIY Cheap and easy-ish Soda Can Stirling Single pipe silent Pop Pop boat 1 day ago   52:27

This tutorial shows step by step how to build an inexpensive and simple Stirling engine. It also offers suggestions and tips to troubleshoot and make the engine work. It was made for high school students who have no experience doing such things. It is meant to not only explain, but demonstrate each step along the way.