Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State Pressure Makes Us: Tobin Heath 2 months ago   04:04

U.S. Soccer visits midfielder Carli Lloyd in New Jersey for this episode of Back Home. Lloyd takes us on a tour of her house and motorhome in Delran and talks about her life in the state where she grew up!

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you`re wrong
who ru?
Megan Farrell
South jersey out here lol I’m in south jersey lol
Megan Farrell
Omg used to live in mount laurel
Caitlin Schilbe
I feel honored that Carli has an entire closet dedicated to soccer just like me.
Kenny Chan
Yes, Carli: You are a real person living a real life.
Have A Good day
PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre
Carli me desculpe eu nao quis incomoda você
The kitty Girls
I tricker treated at her house
Belsy Palacios
Flarida lol
flarida lol
Andrew Gordon
Went to the same high school as her and lived down the street from her growing up. Everyone in the town is really proud of her and happy she didn't forget about us.
Joe Kinney
Jersey is and will always be my home.
South Jersey we out here reppin
Michael Rosia
I live a couple towns away from her 😊
she's so pretty oml
I am a Jersey born native and we are proud to have you Carli
She always comes off as intelligent. I love her smile too.
Holy shit, she lives like 15 minutes away from me
Original Macie
I live their to lol
Although I'm a huge A.Morgan fan, I'm glad this last World Cup was Carli's. Next one will definitely be Alex's,
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Pressure Makes Us: Tobin Heath Carli Lloyd: New Jersey State 2 months ago   02:06

For Tobin Heath the game is a privilege.
The future limitless.
The pressure powerless.