Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries! I bought a $1,500 Amazon Customer 2 weeks ago   12:38

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Today I compare two teams of batteries: Expensive vs Cheap, tested over four rounds to see which is the longest lasting and which is the most cost-efficient.

Here are my raw results (hours:minutes) for all four rounds:
Duracell Quantum ($6.99)
1. 6:16
2. 7:21
3. 7:15
4. 6:41

Energizer Ultimate Lithium ($6.29)
1. 8:03
2. 6:31
3. 7:23
4. 6:44

Duracell ($3.99)
1. 5:58
2. 6:05
3. 5:07
4. 5:32

CVS Brand ($4.99)
1. 4:13
2. 4:45
3. 4:45
4. 3:57

Sunbeam High Drain ($1.00)
1. 4:01
2. 3:56
3. 4:19
4. 4:35

Panasonic ($1.00)
1. 2:59
2. 2:27
3. 2:22
4. 2:25


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Joseph Marcelino
You want cost efficient bois go get a rechargeable Xbox battery 😂
Mr. Awesome
you do know it has mah rating on them this test was insanely stupid and pretty pointless
Raju Majumder
sunbeam was most cost-efficient
Isaac Wentink
Why did this show up on my page
b s
Kinda interesting. However I bet all those fans are from a dollar store. Probably won't make much difference. You usually get what you pay for. However with electronics let's look back at 1996 a 32" lcd that you couldn't hardly find anywhere CNET had priced at $60k! Now $139 usually maybe $150. Or look at the laptop or phone. Specially New iPhones and Samsung what 9 now? Sure you have a couple features I don't on a $60 moto e5. But I can put atleast a 128gb SD card. However most people don't understand memory. Get your self a 2 tb western digital passport 3.0 usd for extra fast transfer speed and storage so you can store all photos and videos on it.

The battery test. Well this is mostly true with batteries. Might as well spend a little more. Costco has great prices! On name brand.

My suggestion with electronics is don't buy lasest and supposedly greatest. Why I say supposedly? New stuff has glitches and bugs not all the kinks have been worked out. Besides wait 6 month or a year and price drops drastically.

Believe me. We are to greedy and want don't need. If you follow. Be wise with your money like this guy is saying basically doing this video.

Trust me I ran a department for electronics, I build and install software for computers, know a lot about networking specifically wifi, taught my self both versions of Linux debain and redhat, and xfinity has no clue what I'm talking about half the time. (asking them to check something called a node it brings a box with tons of lines to different houses for connections). I am not trying to come off as a smart @$$. I just have a ton of knowledge with working with electronics.

Ps Costco has a 90 return policy! :-)
Ro Z
What about humidity and moon phase effects? Everyday factors
Andy Mcnally
Wtf Panasonic
ill take the cheap one
devon morrison
I dont know what the deal is but expensive or cheap the batteries do not last here in Fl. Humidity...dont know
T. K.
idgaf y tf im here @ 3am omfg wtf
Uglyface Butthead
One of the coolest videos I seen 👍
John Becker
Typically the devices I use batteries for are low drain such as mice and keyboards, remote controls and analog clocks (even my digital alarm clock that uses AA only uses batteries when the power goes out so that can be counted as the power does not fail too often and when it does, typically is less than an hour) so I go for the 8pk Sunbeam. Wasteful, sure... but when trying to pay off the mortgage, you cut corners where I can.
Andy Roo
So it's what you pay for. Around 25 percent difference In price and longevity. Same deal.
John Snyder
I wouldn't count the Panasonic on a team as they are not alkaline like the others. i use sunbeams all the time as at a quarter a piece you can't beat the price and if using them for a radio they do last quite a long time. And if you have kids who tend to leave things on, I would rather spend a quarter for a battery than $1.59 each.
jorge rivera
buen test .25 por panasonic y 1.75 duracell 7 pilas panasonic son 21 horas y son 1.75 una pila duracel son 7 horas por 1.75 es mejor panasonic por econonicas y dan el tripe de tiempo
Very helpful; always an issue - whether to go for the cheap vs the expensive. Now I know what I'm getting for my $ s
The Panasonic batteries were not Alkaline. This is why they quit the soonest. It would have been a better test had all of the cheap batteries been Alkaline.
Reverend Hellbilly
Im gonna try those sunbeams. 👍👍
Tim Hitt
Rechargeable is the way to go
Tom Johnson
Dude, the topic is interesting but your video skills are terrible. Learn how to make better videos. Hint: move the camera slowly.
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I bought a $1,500 Amazon Customer Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries! 2 weeks ago   39:38

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