Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries! I bought a $1,500 Amazon Customer 6 months ago   12:38

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Today I compare two teams of batteries: Expensive vs Cheap, tested over four rounds to see which is the longest lasting and which is the most cost-efficient.

Here are my raw results (hours:minutes) for all four rounds:
Duracell Quantum ($6.99)
1. 6:16
2. 7:21
3. 7:15
4. 6:41

Energizer Ultimate Lithium ($6.29)
1. 8:03
2. 6:31
3. 7:23
4. 6:44

Duracell ($3.99)
1. 5:58
2. 6:05
3. 5:07
4. 5:32

CVS Brand ($4.99)
1. 4:13
2. 4:45
3. 4:45
4. 3:57

Sunbeam High Drain ($1.00)
1. 4:01
2. 3:56
3. 4:19
4. 4:35

Panasonic ($1.00)
1. 2:59
2. 2:27
3. 2:22
4. 2:25


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Richard Woods
Thanks for this video, I always buy the sunbeam batteries from .99 cent store, 1.00 for 4. the high end batteries cost far too much and seem to fail just as soon. They are all made in China anyway.
silverstrings gia
nice job cutting the video and putting new batteries for team big spenders, dude. Everyone knows panasonic is the best. I saw a commercial video where these panasonic batteries powered up a rocket that went to mars, gathered some rocks and came back.
The Kaiser
how about running an entire pack of Energizers all in the 8 hours fan?
Lyle Austin
I would like to know where the Costco Kirkland brand batteries stand in comparison.
francis chow
The difference is the leak risk. I've bought boxes of cheapie batteries, they all tend to leak after a year or two, so not great for remotes.
Nimh rechargeables are cheaper per use than any. When combined with a decent smart charger they last hundreds of charges, and with smart charges like liitokala 500 or opus or whatever you can measure capacity and do tests so you never have a dud in a set and will have full knowledge of just how much capacity is left in degraded cells so you can match them up better. Now days the chargers are only about 25 bucks from the usual online places, much better than when they were closer to the hundred mark.
The Ringmaster
Another thing to consider is the build quality of the batteries, I've had problems with cheap batteries (sunbeam) leaking in my device's. Also the lithiums are more dependable and considerably lighter, something to consider if your putting them in something that you are going to be holding or carrying.
Justin Hall
Totally need to find the best batteries for the missus !!
Kalle C
Wait.. did you test all of the batteries first to make sure they were all charged properly from the manufacturer? Did you compare the circuitry of all of the fans to make sure there weren't any factors that would cause the batteries to discharge improperly? Just some things to think about when trying to gather accurate data
Next you should do a review of batteries that leak. Duracell would walk away with top honors as the brand most likely to leak. Never had any battery leak except for Duracell. It doesn't matter if you put their batteries in a flashlight or your high-end electronics, within weeks, you'll end up cleaning the gunk out of your equipment, hoping it's still working. I was trying to use up the ones I had, then got so sick of the leaks I took them down to the environmental center to discard them. I guess their profit line was more important then their customers.
Tall Paul
I am curious about Kirkland brand compared to Duracell sold right next to each other at Costco at a significantly lower price! ✌🏼🇺🇸
VERY well done. Thanks!
RM apCynan
I do not like this 'low renter' phrase when applied to batteries.
Brett Miller
This was a great video. V informative and entertaining. Thx
i have a 28 years old digital clock still running on the same energizer battery. the alarm still works too.
Jam Slam
You can get Duracell Quantum for FREE. I just got $80 worth of batteries for NOTHING!!!!!
I'm deadass serious every single sunbeam battery I've had had always been screwed up, as in short by 2 mm, and sure, that doesnt seem like a big deal, but when you try to play xbox with these batteries, forget about it. It will be a nightmare of adjusting the batteries and controller.
John Gibson
Interesting, but I just buy rechargeables.
Pain Killer
Would have appreciated this video more if you were doing the announcing like in a horse race. Would've been more exciting. lol
Eclectic Reader
I don't mind if cheaper batteries last less. The price tag is what has my attention. Sunbeams cost $1.00 so I purchase eight packs of them, use what I use, and keep the rest in storage for near future use.
Kodak batterys are garbage I know you're not testing these but if anybody else reads this don't by Kodak.... you should test a Kodak battery against something..
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I bought a $1,500 Amazon Customer Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries! 6 months ago   39:38

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