Boris Johnson refuses to answer Ian Blackford brands Boris Johnson 1 day ago   05:10

Boris Johnson has repeatedly refused to answer questions about police being called to his flat. Speaking during a leadership hustings in Birmingham in the race to win the Tory crown and be next Prime Minister, Mr Johnson said: "I don't think they want to hear about that kind of thing." The hustings event came a day after it emerged that officers were called to the London home Mr Johnson shares with partner Carrie Symonds after neighbours said there had been a loud altercation involving screaming, shouting and banging.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are geared up to go head to head as they take part in the Conservative Leadership Hustings. This is a chance for both Hunt and Johnson to make their leadership plans known to the party.

There are 16 Hustings in total to take place, with the final winner of the Conservative Leadership spot to be made on 22nd July.

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Umpa Lumpas
He called the police to see how long it would take to get there just in case
BigCityJungleCat EnvisageThat
It is clearly obvious his behaviour was obnoxious and embarrassing, and also aggressive towards his partner. This is why he refuses to admit to any of it. But if he won't say anything, then perhaps they should invite his partner to an interview so that she can tell the story like it is. In my view, he doesn't appear to be relationship material - therefore does this make him PM material?
brits !! If he became pm , its over for you guys , he is the British version of Donald trump 😅
Shane Rosser
Stupid BBC And Sky News Keeps On About Climate Change All The Time. I Wish The Climate Change Protesters Shut The BBC And Sky News Up For Good.
John Bartley
Red wine my ass - he fell asleep drunk and like any alcoholic pissed himself - woke up and had a rage - ask Russell Brand!
Daughter of the King
Who cares ????? He is entitled to a private life, so he might of had an argument, I'm sure all mp's have arguments just like the rest of us. I don't think a stupid row with his girlfriend will have any affect on how he runs the country.
Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho
Amazing how many racist comments...Uau!
John Sullivan
People aren't talking about the important stuff, like whether those plates were part of a set and if he got red wine on a white sofa. I say he moves out in a week.
Dom Perignon
more left wing properganda
craig heyhoe
How shallow is that neighbour, no good lefty calls police after recording a tiff and then sends it to the Guardian for a small fee no doubt, are you for real!!!

What a cocksucker!

Boris, when you get sorted with the PM position put this prick on your to do list.
Just Saying
Seriously everyone. What has our beloved Country become, when we are offered these two buffoons as the best leaders of our so called democracy. Can we truly believe ( 3 years maybot fudge ) that we are going to leave the EU honestly and fairly ? My conclusion now is 'WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED' every last one of us. Tell me I'm wrong someone, tell me that everything will be fine and that DEMOCRACY will remain within the UK.
This clown should never be prime minister we need a man of compassion of clarity a man who will bring back our vital public services we need JC4PM⚘🇬🇧
Mr Penn and her in doors, were so concerned for the privacy of their famous neighbour, they called the Guardian Newspaper. When the police visited and found nothing wrong and good people would have returned to their pathetic boring lives, these left leaning remainers though it appropriate to spread gossip about the potential next PM of Britain. I think Churchill would say...."A concerned neighbour is an asset providing their concern is for ones welfare and not to encourage warfare"
Boris can move to Downing St soon and ensure his neighbour in No 11 is a brexiteer friend with no poison Penn.
LesAshirt4Riggers No!
louis delarampe
He was beating his kids.
cant wait for you to get elected 'mate.....surely the final nail in your lieing history of a life.
Constant bullshit......lies....affairs.....failed marriages....constant politicalcockups!....a room full of boris cronies .hahaha...he tells the same crap as hes told his countless girlfriends. This is what Tories want as there prime minister?....just about sums the lot of them up!!!......Nigel ..... #10 door is wide open with these bullshittin twats!..... CUM ON NIGE....go for it !!!!!!👍👍👍
Boris is a real people person. He has exactly the same experiences as all of us people, he has good humor, he is very personable, and he has rows with his partner. He's got the job.
Kay Camille
Boris when you get elected mate make you first priority to change the immigration policies and give that nosy malicious c...t next door a swift kick up the arse on the way to the airport
Boris was making love to his girlfriend. I know that its hard for some of the gender neutral liberals to understand, but its still legal to have sex with a consenting member of the opposite sex.
Maria Felices
Irrelevant questions the man will be our p,m period mark s
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Ian Blackford brands Boris Johnson Boris Johnson refuses to answer 1 day ago   02:25

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Ian Blackford refused to withdraw the smear on the frontrunner for No10 during Prime Minister's Questions.

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