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Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
NEW LIVE EXPERIMENT on "When The Medicine Meets Blood- The Science of Uncertainity"

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Jagdish Sharma
we would like to see healthy debate on that.......Well Dr. Biswaroop is doing great job..sai bless him
सरजी,आप अंग्रेजीके बजाय हिंदी मे बोले होते तो सारे हिंदूस्तानकी जनता आपको समज सकती.
arun khajuria
I expect, that there is a discussion among dr. chajjer a, dr, biswqroop and this chairman to get a good result, without insulting each other
Mahesh Thakur
Eye opener
gaurav michael
Who is this Dr gopesh modi paisa ka bhooka who spokes bullshit on first day and in this video also he is trying to prove himself right this type of doctors who is lethal harmful for the whole world. whereas doctors like biswaroop Roy is for the sake of humanity he has the guts to fight and reveal the truth to everyone.
Niranjan Gochhayat
Kadipata,tulisa ka pata chalega please replie
Ruksana Sayed
Biswaroop roy sir...u r simply great...I started following u n mashaallah surviving without any medicine (I used to take fr diabetes) but sory cant follow ur diet completely but following as much as I can .I have one question about ur wife if u dont we see her how come she does not look fit like u but looks ovér weight though she is a wife of great person who brought this amaging changes in our life with ur diet...I really wonder that's why asked
sandeep s
Sir aap to itni achhi diet lete hai fir aapke pichese se hairfall ku ho rha hai.
Sir Hindi boliye please
Jeech Rob
post injury tetanus vaccine is not given rather anti tetanus serum is given that have only antibodies not bacteria
HD RHYMES for babies
Great sir very simple English and usefull
Rishabh Rans
please talking hinde
Rishabh Rans
jab jab hoe dharm k hane badahe asur abhemane tab tab dhare prabhu manuj sarera
I am proud that you are an Hindi speaking Indian and you are also brave... Ayurveda is the future of humanity soon the world will realise..
ashish kumar azad
कुछ ऐसे उदाहरण बाताई जिसमेँ मरीज की मृत्यु टेटनस का वैक्सीन लेने के बाद भी टेटनस से हो गयी हो तो डॉक्टर विश्वरूप जी आपके बात को बल मीलेगी।
Chetan Singh
This was 2nd rajiv dixit g
Siken Dongol
चैयरमैन is angry
twinkle twinkle
Its commendable how doctor Biswaroop comes up with new, fresh ideas to explain to the layman the same old loopholes of the deadly western medicine
Har Dev
Thank you sir
13 Slaves of the industry could not assimilate the truth of the business they serve.
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High Blood Pressure & High NEW LIVE EXPERIMENT - When Medicine 1 day ago   34:10

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