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Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
NEW LIVE EXPERIMENT on "When The Medicine Meets Blood- The Science of Uncertainity"

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Nikhil Bagria
Dr gopesh Seth also speaking bitter truth I need mobile no of Dr gopesh Seth
Bond 007
Biswaroop Zindabad... Chairman Murdabad...
Gaurav Gupta
Dimag ki chamta
Ko k Sai increase Kia ja Sakta h
santosh kaur virdi
We are with Dr Chaudhary.
Ashok Kumar
Please this video in hindi
Ak Sharma
- Immunity is of main concern and it cannot be achieved through medicines or Vaccines since they are not food.
- Healing:can be done effectively through Sunlight + Oxygen + Nutrition, as explained in the lecture.

- Dr. Gopesh Seth at the end of the lecture is questioning and having obstacles in accepting the truth of medicines due to his vigorous exposure in medical business. Truth realization happens mostly due to right wisdom & many times due to shear luck only.
- Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury has given the reply of Dr. Seth's questioning in a very sophisticated & civilized manner- Great.
- Keep it up, Dr, Sir.
Happy Thoughts.....
Sanjeev Verma
Kya in 3days dip diet plan ...roti nhi khani hai...
Kamlesh Prajapati
The chairman is jealous and arrogant.
Yamuna Kachhap
Hindi me bolna thik rhata
The Patriot
You are great sir. Thank you so much for research and educating us
Jayesh Shah
Sir you are great.
shri radhe
सर नमस्ते ,सर आपका विडियो सुनना चाहता हूं लेकिन मुझे अंग्रेजी नहीं आती,सर इसे यदि हिन्दी में बदल कर के डाल दें तो बहुत आभार रहेगा आपका🙏🙏🙏
Why Chairperson is so rude.
Masood Ahmed
sir why the four types of fruits are impotent for diabetic patients?
sharda sharda
You are Amazing Dr. Sahab 👌😍
Sadanandan Kavalpura
Dr. BM Hegde had a stroke at the peak of his activity.

Thanks god he overcame the trajedy and is further energetic.

You should not face such threat.

Heart attack/stroke should not occure to you.

I have done very detailed research since the last ten years.

I have crystal clear idea how to treat every high BP/diabetic patients without medicines.

The problm will be solved 100%.

You should never try to reduce BP through BP medication.

BP medication will decrease blood circulation.

There are only two reasons why an attack should occure in a person.
very easily one can get rid of this trajedy.

calcium block causes the attack with very high Chest pain.
BP medication increases the risk.

Bp medication and squeezing of blood vessels is the root cause of silent attack.

If you are interested to keep constant touch and regular update contact me on whatsapp.
Mandeep Singh
The chairman exposed himself by saying if he doesn't speak now then he will not be doing justice to the fellow doctors and their studies lol. I agree that blood and medicines perhaps interacted in a different way on the slides but instead of asking for proof from Dr Biswaroop he should have given a counter proof in the first place as he is a part of a very large group of doctors that have read countless studies. I can just tell one thing and that's that Dr Biswaroop is asking to go to a healthy diet to live a healthy life and nothing else. What's the problem with that? BTW look at how fat is this chairman lol. Wow he can take care of us because he has taken such good care of himself all this time
Vickytechnews advisery
1309 A.A
Sir mere father ki 2010 me heart ki bypass surgery ho chuki hai tab se medicine le rahe hai jisse weakness rahti hai kya medicine leni chahiye?
Nazir Imam
malaria is in the path of extinct without vaccine is introduced. so
you are correct .
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Liver -The 2nd Brain -How NEW LIVE EXPERIMENT - When Medicine 1 day ago   13:42

Liver -The 2nd Brain
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