Fan Mail Opening: Part 4!! We Hatched a Cuban False Chameleon!! 1 day ago   50:51

Snake Discovery
We have the best fans ever! Today we spend nearly an hour opening the many gifts, works of art, letters, and more! Thank you all SO MUCH for your amazing gifts! I apologize that we're not able to read every letter in the video, but we do read (and enjoy) each and every one of them!!



We love fan mail!
Snake Discovery
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Emily Liu
Ed! U nearly smashed Chian, twice!
Callista Newmes
for the bead picture you use the wax by pushing the pen into the wax and then picking up the bead I know this because I got 2 for Christmas
Still waiting for someone to send her a dime bag of 🌲. And Em’s gonna be like “awe! Thank you Spider from Pasadena! We can always use some.....whatever this is!”🤣
CJ_ 2040
We want to see Ed on camera
You eating chocolate at the end 😂😂
Sandyarc6 Games and reacts
I laughed so hard at 18:20 when Cheyenne came Emily head follows Cheyenne then boom
Caitlin Gamas
More ed!!!!!!!
connor craw-reid
Chianan just give me that so u don't hurt ur self
connor craw-reid
Am I the only one to think that Emily is going to end up cutting herself with the letter openers somehow
I wish I could send her fan mail but I live in Japan 😭😭
Black _Rain_
like you snake backpack emily. lmao
Kenzie Spykerman
#harry Potter lovers
Is Cheyenne's feathers going to grow back or is she just permanently a half naked parrot? I also I'm so glad that you gave Rex a nice forever home and is treating her like the princess that she is. Being from Florida it just irks me when people take the alligators and have them as pets if you want a souvenir from Florida. Please make it a postcard or a toy but leave the shells on the shores and the Gators in the swamp and canals.
Be warn about that puzzle. I bought the shape puzzle that was a shamrock. it turned out to be a trick puzzle it has specially shaped puzzle pieces and sections look like other sections it's a challenging puzzle. Lori Schory does phenomenal artwork. The puzzle is very detailed when you get it done you will start discovering little things in it enjoy your puzzle but do it in a large space. 🔎😊
Angel Ma
mingmimg i love
Christina Florada
i will send something to ED. Emily u make him sit in front of the camera!!!!
Christina Florada
panda bun
Ben Raikes
When are you doing unboxing 5???i can't wait🙂🙂🙂
Luna Tundrabird
this is a video of Emily struggling of 50 minutes
Wolfy Rhia
Emily:Now Nick can watch us
Me: he has no eyes though....
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We Hatched a Cuban False Chameleon!! Fan Mail Opening: Part 4!! 1 day ago   09:04

Go to or text SNAKEDISCOVERY to 500500 to get a free audiobook, 2 free Audible Originals, and a 30-day free trial.

We're excited to announce that we hatched an ADORABLE Cuban false chameleon!! We were waiting until we hit 1,000,000 subs to share the news, and here we are! Enjoy!



Music by BenSound and YouTube studio library.