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Air Date: May 16th, 2014

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Chris Hayes - 'I consider you a friend'. The Chris of death.
Tim Cantrell
For a homosexual liberal Greenwald is pretty likable to principled Conservatives.
A lot of people seem to be missing the point. Glen Greenwald is a talented writer and journalist. Like any serious critic of the US corporate state (and there are many), he does not temper his reporting or criticism depending on which of the major political parties holds the presidency.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people, across the political spectrum, who think we can solve our problems by electing better rulers. If Ron Paul were president, Glen Greenwald would be ripping him a second asshole as we speak.
Dan Allen
Hayes is an idiot, Greenwald is a hero.  Obama is a murderer, Greenwald is not.
Why does he have a pen?
Matthew Swenson
I'm somewhere between conservative, libertarian, and centrist.  Glenn Greenwald is a liberal I respect.  Chris Hayes is an empty suit on Team Blue.
thundarr isaboss
glenn greenwald is the MAN!!!!!!
On the one hand a real journalist and on the other a thoughtless talking head.

This is not an american vs uk thing. This is real journalist vs a fake journalist.

It just shows how much of a lack of a journalist the talking heads have become but they are still looked at with the same level of credibility and respect, oddly.
Don't you just love the mentality? "I love Barack Obama, he got people Medicare". So ridiculous! I love our president cause he have us free stuff by stealing it from other people. Such BS
"Alienating possible allies?"

This ain't a popularity contest. We're not trying to make friends, we're trying to seek and share the truth.
The presenter is just saying "you're hurting my team, please stop it"
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IT Crowd - Best Of Moss Glenn Greenwald: Liberals & Progressives 2 days ago   07:05

We all know that every single second Richard (Maurice Moss) acts in the show is hilarious, but here's a few of what I found funniest. Please like/sub if you'd want more of this show or any other- and comment what Moss moment you love most, or a Roy or Jen moment? IT Crowd surely is one of my favourite shows :)