The World Sailing Show - Nov 2018 Full Replay: Arrivals The Hague 2 days ago   23:32

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0:46 How to fly a 32m tri – Gitana 17 explained
18:29 Southern Ocean rescue – Golden Globe drama
07:4152 Super Series – The final showdown
06:19 World Cup Series – First taste of Enoshima
17:34 Extreme Sailing Series – Top dogs toppled in San Diego
21:09 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
This month the biggest and most powerful offshore sailing machines in the world prepare to rise up out of the water as they take to hydrofoils for the 40th anniversary of the single-handed Route du Rhum transatlantic race. We step aboard Gitana 17 to find out how to fly a 32m trimaran, alone.
The bar has been raised inshore too as a new global racing circuit for 50knot foiling cats is unveiled.
We get behind the scenes with the top 52 Super Series team and take in the spectacular scenery at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in Sardinia.
Plus, a double rescue drama in the Southern Ocean, competition that goes down to the wire in Japan and San Diego and plenty more.

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They have come so far
Marc St.james
is that Betsy Devos brother?
Arlin Geyer
I am so tired of cats. Sure, when they foil they’re fast, but honestly, so what? What’s interesting about a sailboat race? Tactics and strategy. A catamaran is so slow to tack that the game-plan on the windward leg is fewest tacks as possible. If you watch a match of closely contested monohulls you’ll see a far more interesting race, even if they’re not going as fast. These days, with asymetrical spinnakers the downwind leg has the potential to be just as interesting, but only if gybing does not cost dearly. In my opinion, foiling is/will be interesting only when boats can maintain the foil when tacking and gybing. Otherwise the penalty is just too great to allow for interesting tactics. The 52 Super Series has great races. I look forward to the 2021 America’s Cup boats. Forget cats!
Mozzy Sails
Some amazing footage, but this could easily stretch to 30 minutes with longer shots and a bit deeper narration / interviews rather than the short soundbites. Good, but just needs more to be great!
@6:04....rothschild-.....fuck YOU!!!
AC only went to faster vessels to try to make it more interesting for spectators and therefore worthwhile for sponsors to put their money into. Not sure it has worked, hence the reason why there are so few teams.
Kari Kivikangas
5 times less but 5 times longer snaps would be better.
joe 90
Great show..thx
Water & wind & beauty..I'm crying..
K. A. Garcia
Wow bunch of haters in the comments below. Great technology and advancements in sailing over the past years, glad this channel is capturing it. Keep up the good work. Add more drone shots :)
Simon Cox
Ron Jagraf/x quite harsh but I have to agree.
Nice photography and videography again ruined by excessive jump cuts in the edit room. Who do you think you are? MTV? Whoever produced this piece of vid needs to just go and make commercials somewhere. Action video art is too highbrow for you. WSS needs better video editing to tell a better story.
Christian Westling
Great show as always, but why is there never any segments from Monaco/The Riviera? There are tons of events in and around Monaco.
Sure, St Tropez is coming up, but you should follow the Yacht Club de Monaco. Lots of exciting stuff happening.
Island Aerial
Great show...
This is the 1% of the 1%. Hope that they aren't the evil types...
John Simms
This report is all flashing images, one can't see anything substantial. Dislike.
Must love sailing
Honestly how do they do that? Lots and lots of money, haha. Damn that would be fun.
David Leigh
Who on earth approved the voice over for Sail GP. Facile, idiotic, obviously written by an advertising/PR hack with no knowledge of sailing or interest in anything other than his pay check. With all that money behind it, just pathetic. Anyone remember the 'National' F1 type motor racing ? No - not surprising! This will last a year at most, than fade away. If you want to watch a racing series - TP52 is the real thing.
Jack Everett
It is not NOV.. yet...
Cool as always
The fins look awfully fragile in the water at 40kn.
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Full Replay: Arrivals The Hague The World Sailing Show - Nov 2018 2 days ago   3:50:40

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