How to make Amazing F1 Racing Car(Ferrari) Sparking DRIFT Tires on DIRT 4 months ago   12:42

I used cardboard to make F1 toy. The model is Ferrari F1.

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Yasmani Rimaycuna Berrú
Quisiera saber si tienes algún plano o medidas de las piezas q utilisaste
Ramesh Choudhary
H I am rudra kya aap mere liye bhi bana denge
Minetree Hawkings
i have a lego f1
Minetree Hawkings
i have a lego f1
Minetree Hawkings
make a gun
dafa fun game
coba bikin
Gokul Kumar
Can u please make a video showing how to make a remote controlled bike (not a toy) please bro cuz I wanna make one
Nano Lopez
you have the blueprints of the model
Aadarsh Sharma
Please tell you 🗣📲📞.....
arif iskandar
Where can get cip
felipe morales alonso
Un genio
Shivkumar Mourya
Amazing video is this
paola zelaya
muy bien
Surat Adhikari
Can you make a transfer car
Mohit Hacker
অংজণ ঋএ
That's real fast and I will copy ur wheels because I'll make my own
Umakant Joshi
I can use toy car wheels ?
Làm giỏi quá ... tôi cũng muốn làm nhưng thực ko thể tưởng tượng nổi....
Shubham Bachhane Shubham Bachhane
mujhe car do ge
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Sparking DRIFT Tires on DIRT How to make Amazing F1 Racing Car(Ferrari) 4 months ago   07:03

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Sparking DRIFT Tires on DIRT CHEAP RC CAR - WLToys a959 Drifting

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