Samsung Galaxy A80 - ROTATING CAMERA What Happened to VAIO? 2 days ago   05:46

The new 2019 Samsung Galaxy A80 Smartphone is here, with a rotating triple camera! This is my hands on review of the smartphone.

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Who else thinks this is a genius idea? But will it beat the OnePlus 7? 🤔
Harris Choudhry
The camera movement is way too slow
Bryan mendoza
Wait how about the casing of that unit? No idea hehe
I want this but its so expensive and I'm broke asf
Moving parts. Haha. No thanks
T.A.D Subliminals
4k selfies 😁😀😀
Clare Playz
" *Lack of a headphone jack* "

Disappointment at its finest
Michael Teodorescu
Honestly Asus did a better job with the flipping camera, as the Asus Zenfone 6 has a pretty good flipping camera , while still possessing a headphone jack and having an extremely good processor and being relatively cheap usually being around 500 dollars, maybe even less
C. A. Lee
jack, where are you?
Kakha Khmelidze
Seems a brilliant gadget but how about difficulties about using protective cases?
failure modle a series
MWB Gaming
No headphone jack
No expandable memory
Tiny battery

No thanks
Samsung finally caved in and removed the headphone jack LMAO
Pearl Infinite
Will the phone fit in a case or did they make special ones?
Kareesse E
This sound and look good but in the end 💥
Rubin lopez
OnePlus 7pro same price. 12gb ram wayyyyyy better!
Useless Samsung
Oppo Huawei are way better
Kunwar Gaming
Is it compatible for Fortnite???
Please make video on that
i am boss :(
Arvinder Rajput
A50 ta bekaar nikleya
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What Happened to VAIO? Samsung Galaxy A80 - ROTATING CAMERA 2 days ago   10:02

Back in the day, Sony's VAIO line was absolutely incredible.
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