Steam Ship from the 19th World Explorers in 10 Minutes (History) 2 days ago   03:49

Red Sea Explorers
Here is what it looks like when a group of divers descend on a line to explore a location only to find a steam ship from the 1800s. This is a video of our first ever dive on the newly discovered unidentified steam ship North of Gubal Island.

Thanks to all the explorers that are signing up for the exploration weeks!

Contact us for more info on how to join Wreck Exploration Weeks scheduled for 2018/2019

The first ever dive on the newly discovered Steam Ship in the Strait of Gubal.

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World Explorers in 10 Minutes (History) Steam Ship from the 19th 2 days ago   10:00

All humans explore the world around them to make sense of his or her surroundings. These are some of the most famous explorers in human history. It is by no means a complete list.

List of Explorers:
2290 Harkhuf exploring nubia for egypt
1550–300 BCE - the Phoenicians exploring Mediterranean Sea
500 BC - Hanno the Navigator exploring Africa for Carthage
325 BCE - Pytheas of Massalia exploring Europe for Greece
100s BCE - Zhang Qian discovering asia for Chinese
~4000 B.C.E. -1280A.D. Polynesians exploring South Pacific
921 Ahmad ibn Fadlan exploring eastern europe for Baghdad
1325-1354 Ibn Battuta (Asia, Africa)
1328-1339 - Wang Dayuan exploring Indian ocean for China
1405-1433 Zheng He - (Indian Ocean)
The Viking Age (800-1040)
825 - Naddoddr - discovering Iceland for Vikings
980s - Erik the Red - (Greenland)
~1001 Leif Ericson - (First European America)
1269-93 - Marco Polo - (European exploring Asia)
1488 - Bartolomeu Dias of Portugal exploring Southern tip of Africa for Portugal
1492 - Christopher Columbus exploring Americas for Spain
1497 - John Cabot exploring North American Mainland for England
1497–1499 - Vasco da Gama of Portugal exploring India for Portugal
1499-1502 - Amerigo Vespucci of Florentine exploring Caribbean and South America for Portugal
1500-1510 - Vasco Núñez de Balboa of Spain exploring Panama for Spain
1513 - Juan Ponce de León of Spain exploring Florida and Puerto Rico for Spain
1519-1522 - Ferdinand Magellan of Portugal first circumnavigation of Earth for Spain
1524 - Giovanni da Verrazzano of Italy exploring east coast of north america
1527 - Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca of Spain exploring southwestern north America
Early 1500s Spanish Conquistadors Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro, Francisco Pizarro González
1534 - Jacques Cartier of France exploring St. Lawrence for France
1541 - Hernando de Soto of Spain exploring southern North America
1540-1542 - Francisco Vázquez de Coronado of Spain exploring south western North America
1577-1580 - Sir Francis Drake of England 2nd globe circumnavigation
1606 - John Smith of England exploring eastern North America
1608 - Samuel de Champlain of France exploring quebec and great lakes for france
1611 - Henry Hudson of England exploring hudson river and northwest passage
1620 - The Pilgrims
1716-1726 - Golden Age of Piracy
1766 - James Cook of England Exploring pacific ocean
1775 - Daniel Boone of America exploring Kentucky
1803-1809 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of America explore the west
Mid 1800s David Livingstone Exploring Africa
Early 1911 - Roald Amundsen of Norway exploring South Pole, Antarctica, Northwest Passage
1953 - Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand exploring Everest and antarctica
1961 - Yuri Gagarin of Soviet Union exploring Earth Orbit and space
1969 - Neil Armstrong of America exploring the Moon


3D Models
"Karve Gokstadship Drakkar"
“Santa Maria”
"Viking Longship"
"ARGO NAUTIX ancient phoenician trading ship Alephnun"
"Hull Study for Chinese Treasure Ship of Admiral Zheng He"
"Carabela Niña"
"Zheng He's Treasure Ship Chinese Fleet"
“Apollo 11 Lunar Landing”
"The Moon"
"1492 Nao Santa María"
"Mt. Everest"
"Gagarin's Start"
"Basic moon - BI"
"Canoe catamaran"

Main Narration by Austin Olney

Columbus Poem by Mandy Facchin

Thanks to Reddit’s r/record this for helping with quotes, specifically jack_e (LeftClicker), gospodean2 (deantmoodyvoice), and Vandalsblj (Brandon Lyle Johnson)


Apollo 11 footage
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Stephen Hawking

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Adobe After Effects
Zoom H2 Recorder

Original Work by Austin Olney