Top 10 Smartest Decisions In Action Movies Top 10 Worst Movies That Deserve 2 days ago   10:52

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Top 10 Smartest Decisions In Action Movies
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Fighting can only get action heroes so far, sometimes they need to outsmart the bad guys! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Smartest Decisions in Action Films! But what will take the top spot on our list? Tricking the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, fighting the Xenomorph Queen with a powerloader in Aliens, or heading back to the Citadel in Mad Max: Fury Road? Watch to find out!

#10. Attaching the Explosive Charge to the Villain
#9. Placing Weapons in the Escape Route
#8. Counting Down the Pen Grenade
#7. Closing Their Eyes When the Ark Is Opened
#6. Taping a Gun to His Back
#5. Using Mud as Camouflage
#4. Capturing the Bus Cam for a ReRun
#3, #2, #1?

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This video and Action Week is brought to you by Just Cause 4! Own it now!
Victoria Dixon
#1 is clever. I forgot about that.
Yvette Szentesi
"Get away from her you B*TCH!"

Chew on that Rey! That is what a female lead role is all about.
Darth Bane
This video should be all the times when the hero actually kills the villain.
Let's go beit shemesh;-);-);-);-);-)
JAM 20
4:37 - John Cena or Thomas Haden Church, Please Let Me know
Karim Godoy
Olvidate de esas baleadas!
MarvelFox Morty
*Your Foster Parents is dead*
Seriously try it with your parents ask about the dog with the wrong name! If they agree with you with the wrong name don't go home is T-1000
Colin Maghran
Anyone else think of Fortnite when they said john wick?
Caleb Davis
*24/7 the thunder will roll*
Actually, he had a 50/50 chance of it going boom or not. Best to play the safe side.
Jason Toddman
Too bad Ripley wasn't smart enough to think to check the motion sensors before leaving the dropship and re-entering the main hold aboard the Sulaco. Observation courtesy of how It Should have Happened.
Nick Butler
I wish It had Hannibal Lecters escape
Is no one gonna mention that in infinity war tony observed everyone's power and came up with a plan on how to defeat Thanos...
Anubhav Sinhq
I saw a movie once where instead of fighting the ghost the hero ran away to get the police and stood outside and let the cops do their job , in my opinion that was the smartest move ever
The top 5 should've been...

1) Ripley (you might be a badass, but you will never be "Ellen Ripley fighting an alien horror in a mech-suit" badass)
2) Taken (there were ridiculous parts, but that was the best thing she could do, and props to her character for being able to do it)
3) T2 (really a classic move...but the movie was just so good anyway)
4) Predator (good awareness, good use of the environment)
5) Die Hard (never show your cards...)
Nuking the site from orbit was a good decision too.
Actually the Terminator screwed up. He should have played along and told the T-1000 that he (John Conner) would be home for dinner late that night. The T-1000 would have stayed at the house and John and the Terminator would have a head start to pick up Sarah Conner without interference.
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Top 10 Worst Movies That Deserve Top 10 Smartest Decisions In Action Movies 2 days ago   13:49

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