Katie Brennan testifies before White Woman Dresses "Urban" 5 months ago   03:51

Katie Brennan testifies before a special legislative committee. The committee is made up of mostly women and they will hear from Katie Brennan, chief of staff to the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, who has said she was raped during Murphy’s campaign for governor by a top aide.

Brennan has said she went public with her allegations only after prosecutors declined to press charges and members of Murphy’s inner circle failed to take action.

Brennan told the Wall Street Journal that Albert J. Alvarez raped her last year after a campaign gathering, setting these proceedings in motion.

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Tina Ramsey
She was heard loud and clear by everyone prior to going to the paper. Check her resume. She went from an entry level trainee worker, working for an affordable housing organization, intern for governor's campaign and then CHIEF OF STAFF OF A STATE AGENCY. I will only believe her if she only wanted laws changed and her accused attacker behind bars. If she gives up all monetary compensation then I will believe her. Until then I question her current job placement. This is textbook and she wants to be paid.
Vincent Cuttolo
I respect this woman
Leather Pants Guy
"The committee is made up of mostly women" way to be unbiased and fair. #BelieveMen #BelieveEvidence
"Rape" is a vague term these days. It's a shame this whole "me too" fad dissuades us from taking real rape allegations (unlike this one) seriously.
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White Woman Dresses "Urban" Katie Brennan testifies before 5 months ago   06:56

Sparks fly when a woman is criticized at a clothing store for dressing "too urban."
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