I bought a Cheap Knock-Off loader 3 Scams Contractors use to Con Customers & How to protect 2 months ago   35:11

I didn't want to spend an arm and a Leg on a wheel loader just to wreck it snowplowing. Then I heard Volvo has a brand called the SDLG. I've been in the Volvo factory and I know there quality. So when I heard the SDLG was part of the Volvo family- I jumped on it.

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Paul Nicholson
Paul Nicholson
Thanks have a good EASTER.
Paul Nicholson
Hire a maid to clean those machines!
Erik Tarver
What's the overall height of the Sledge?
Jerry Moody
You're preaching at fellas that think having a 12" penis somehow makes them more of a man than a guy with an average johnson.
Let them be foolish with their money. I can see the pride in their faces all hovered round the back of the truck...so proud that they let a company phuq them out of 100k or more for a machine that you bought for less and able to do the same thing. Pride is a bitch
Jerry Moody
Sylvester Stallones son!!!
SDLG lools like SOLD, for that Paychological aspect
Tanner Sorensen
They just showed him the features of a Chinese product. He sold himself. A Walmart employee can tell you a cheap cord will charge a phone. It’s not on the employee if the guy posts a video saying it’s a Microsoft backed product that is an absolute bargain.
Sky Dog
How many douchebag equipment salesmen are trolling this... lol.. All the cry babay salesmen and reps are shitting their pants and having everyone they know troll this thread.
adds 15 minutes of moving snow to pad
Guess you've been busy the last 24 hours. Hope you didn't take your salt spreader off early:-P
Peter Crowl
Jeezus that music is almost as annoying as the constantly moving camera
i love rawhide... been stuck in my head for 2 weeks now
Cody Janssen
He paid 70,000 dollars for this
Blake Danika
What a dork
Mc Earl
I think you’re being s but confused on this. It doesn’t matter if that Volvo factory has gold floors and diamond encrusted toilets, that machine was not made by Volvo and it’s not Volvo quality. Volvo just has a stake in the company. They probably approached Volvo and offered them a percentage to bring them into the states for them. Hopefully they determined they are good enough that they can be supported through the dealer network.
David Alexandrovitch
*Stupid move* - There's an old saying in the book that goes "You get what you pay for". SDLG is serviced by Volvo, but that's about it. SDLG uses cheaper parts than what Volvo does and also pays their employees cheaper wage as well. So the construction and morale (quality control) just isn't there with SDLG. Volvo is just making money for licensing and handling repairs. Just to help prove the "you get what you pay for" comment this tractor new is $69,000. The Volvo counterpart of this goes for around $180,000.
Lol, sketchy ass dealers don't even think of looking at you when they greet you.

Just keep lookin' at what you're peddling. xD
Surge Mouradov
" it has Volvo quality" the sketchy salesman clearly said Volvo helps with importing these into the usa....nothing else ....
Charley Tank
You can charge double the amount? maybe your customers should watch this video so they get your services for double less.
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3 Scams Contractors use to Con Customers & How to protect I bought a Cheap Knock-Off loader 2 months ago   21:42

How to spot a Con Man using 3 scams to fraud customers & other contractors. The Dump N Run scam, The Change Order scam & the lawsuit scam. These are often used on construction projects, remodeling contracts, landscaping, plus residential and even commercial projects.