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Tenant screening - How to screen tenants - Learn Tenant screening secrets from the pro's - Tenant screening tips - Rental property tips - landlord advice - Professional Landlord & Property Manager #JamesWise discusses 10 obvious & not so obvious Red Flags Real Estate Investors need to watch out for when they are screening their tenants.

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Nizzle FoShizzle
The landlord is not the boss. The lease/rental agreement is the boss. As a landlord you can write it up, but once it's agreed to and executed, it becomes everyone's boss.
One Shot
Wow the garden is strange I have 38 units and I have older retired renters and they love there garden . I do however put at my cost cross ties to make a 4x10 plot but I have town homes . Now there gardening equipment they must put all the chemicals and dirt in a outside storage footlocker not a storage building that they put up or the one on the patio. . Now one other thing if they have pets I limited it to just ONE NOT TWO OR THREE ONE and the pet must crap in the renters back yard section well also I not to thrilled about your demeanor about you saying you must have complete control I find if I try to be totally controlled of the tenant the tenant lose a miserable life it is their home as long as they abide by my extremely well thought out lease the tenants have an enjoyable life the average 10 at that I have just been with me for nine years the longest 22 so that must tell you something as my grandson says to each their own so do as you wish
As a property manager I can tell you with assurity that many of these points are going to set your prospective tenant up with a case against you for discrimination. I would keep these criteria to yourself when approving or denying their application.
People who garden, people who have a tatoo on their face - a deserved discrimination lawsuit is just around the corner
Dhani James Dubois
Wow!!! This dude sounds and looks like an arrogant prick. I'm glad there are sooo many other options for real estate that a lot of people don't have to even be bothered dealing with him. I bet he's a horrible landlord.
John Spotts
If your tenant is alive there going to cause trouble, move on
Terrance Collins
No way. I’m a landlord and I don’t go by most of these. This is really judgmental. You guys are pricks
Wendy Aanenson
He just crushed everyone but people that can buy there own home!!.lol. Bad advice for sure.
Logan Ring
You are kind of an asshole I have expressed interest in planting a garden I have a perfect rental record I tend to lease properties for 5 years or more pay my rent weeks ahead of time and I insure the property myself just to cover myself in the case of liabilities I have a criminal record I have offered to improve properties and I have been paid on top of my deposit when I moved out because the property was in better condition when I left this is a lot of bad advice a lot I suggest no landlord listen to what this man is suggesting he seems like the kind of guy who will only rent a property to someone who is white with blond hair blue eyes and has $100,000 a year job and zero criminal record I am so glad he doesn't manage properties in Alabama
Paradise Lunea
Would you mind explaining WHY a tenant without a vehicle is a Red Flag???
TheTattooedCat X
We have 5 dogs, a yearly garden & tattoos (& yes, even a tasteful one on my face).... Everywhere we have ever rented has after we left/ been vacated by us has been in as good if not better condition than when we moved in... So much for your red flags!!!
Anyone that has a large number of kids would be a red flag.  Someone driving a Toyota Prius and hair died bright green would be a red flag.  Any Social Justus Warriors is a super RED flag.  Let them live with Moms.
This guy is a bigot
Sam Links
Never rent to dss or a Nigerian person you have been warned
Somebody explain to me the reason not to rent to people who plants gardens. My dad planted gardens for many years and stayed at the same place over 13 years before buying his first home.
Cat Landry
Great tips James. Keep em coming!
what area were you driving in its seens relly nice.
John Hughes
I can see where someone new to renting would extend common courtesy to a potential renter which would put them in a position to be taken advantage of. Some people are already savvy to this and others learn the hard way. Thankyou for the information, very well done video!
lmao this guy is How to Landlord With Small Dick Energy 101
Never rent to black people. Or fat people
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