Top 10 Red Flags landlords need to look The 5 things I wish I knew before 1 week ago   06:10

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Tenant screening - How to screen tenants - Learn Tenant screening secrets from the pro's - Tenant screening tips - Rental property tips - landlord advice - Professional Landlord & Property Manager #JamesWise discusses 10 obvious & not so obvious Red Flags Real Estate Investors need to watch out for when they are screening their tenants.

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EVERYTHING IS CORRECT...EXCEPT. ....the felons n the garden....RENT TO THEM!!
John Slyfield
I disagree on the bonus tip. I don't drive, so you count me out. Although I would never ask a landlord to drive me to the showing. Because if I cant get there on my own, why should I rent there? I live in a house now, about to move into an apartment, but not because of transportation issues. Gardening? If the property is suitable for gardening, why not? That can be a big draw.
Solara Solarwind
as long as they can prove that they have stable income and a good clean background, credit, and reputation from their past landlords, that's good enough! for a few damages here and there, It's amazing how much money one can save, get great exercise, and mental stimulation from doing construction, plumbing, electrician yourself and save TONS of money in the process!
Anybody with a teardrop😂
Thomas Nee
Awesome advice man.
Cindy Collins
You are very closed minded. The landlord i have now didnt want to rent to me becuase of my credit history. I told him i went through a divorce. He took cards out in my name. Bad things happen to good people. He asked why i am leaving my current place, told him lease was up and my boyfriend passed away. We shared the house and it was just to painful to stay. He let me move in. He requested an extra $100 a month for the first 4 months, which i did. Three years later still there and have never been late. You need to not be so closed minded.
Cindy Collins
So i guess you only rent to angels
Do you use property managers in cleveland?
Come on people these red flags are not absolute deal breakers. They are simply statistically good indicators of bad tenants from this man's experiences. Opinions vary so widely among landlords because of individual tenants having certain characteristics and might or might not be an indicator of future problems to someone else. Why are butt hurt renters watching this video anyways?
D. Davis
Not everyone having faced eviction will be evicted again. You will be sued for discrimination.
Damian Dante
Well crap, I don't qualify then. I shouldn't have signed that paperwork lol.
Ink Gang
This video makes you seem like a real asshole
Shannon Campbell
The tattoo thing is ridiculous and the pet thing ba im new to ur channel but I dislike this video
Channelle Mokalei
This was pointless to watch.
Kiki's Kurls
I agree with you on all except for the eviction. HERE'S WHY: If you see a recent eviction or more than one eviction don't accept them; but if you had one eviction 10 years ago followed by no evictions after that, that shows the person has grown and evolved from that past eviction. Everyone deserves second chances especially if it is proven in their actions. One bad incident shouldn't mark a person like that for life. They need a place to live.

Face tattoos OBVIOUS. I know a lot of millennials might not understand that. Tattoos are not illegal but, they speak volumes and it says alot about the person.

A face tattoo shows a lack of maturity and that you're not really thinking about your future. A face tattoo won't affect an 18 year old in they way it will when that person turns 28. Eventually we grow up and join the work force so that our basic needs are met. You may work at Burger King and earn minimum wage with a face tattoo but if you want more for your life that tattoo must come off. No good paying career Fortune 500 Company employee has a face tattoo. And not everyone can be a rapper either. So you might want to think twice about that face tattoo kiddos.
Heather Collier
I wouldn't rent from you ,your a arrogant prick and you put people in categories....Fuck you
Naughty Hotdog
I like how after some of the numbers your like CUT ‘EM MOVE ON 😂😂😂 Reminds me of when Trump had that show Apprentice and was like YOUR FIRED 😂😂😂 Your cut and dry and it’s funny
Randy Flannigon
Dude I don't know what person in their right mind would hire you to screen their tenants I have no idea how long you been in this business but you don't know nothing about it you need to pull down this video because it is bulshit bullshit bullshit I wouldn't rent from you if you were renting to me for free
michelle flournoy
So, someone who has a clean record as in background and was evicted after living on a property for over 8 years from losing their job of 10 years because of the business closing you're saying don't rent to them. No wonder the homeless rate is so high.
Mark Peters
I have lousy credit and a foreclosure on my record, l now get SSD and l get a money order to pay rent! Never late, l live here, why would l fuck that up?
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The 5 things I wish I knew before Top 10 Red Flags landlords need to look 1 week ago   13:34

These are the 5 things I wish I had known before becoming a landlord, and why learning these NOW can make you a better real estate investor in the long run. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram/Snapchat: GPStephan

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First, I wished I had treated it more like a business rather than a hobby.
When I first started, I was 21 years old. At this point, I had been working as a real estate agent for a little over 3.5 years and even though I had been doing a lot of rentals for OTHER PEOPLE, I had never done it for myself. All of a sudden you have a hard time thinking objectively, you throw your own emotions into the mix, you have self doubt, you worry if what you’re doing is right, and there’s a blurred line between running this like a business vs a hobby…and when I started, I ran it like a hobby. Don’t do that.

This brings me to my second point…keep things professional, and STICK TO THE CONTRACT.
In the beginning, I treated the contract more like a guide…as long as you roughly followed it, that was fine. No, NO, NO. Do NOT do this. Enforce the contract word for word. The contract is written for a reason - there should be no misinterpretation from what’s allowed and what’s agreed on. This clarifies everyone’s expectations for not only the tenant, but also for the landlord. When that contract is signed, all parties must abide by it.

The third thing I wish I knew was that I’d need to be on call 24/7.
If there’s ever an emergency, I have my phone on me to handle anything as it comes up. Most situations that come up, even though I’m technically “on call 24/7,” just aren’t that urgent; usually little minor things that are usually sent over email and you can handle them when you have the time.

The fourth thing I wish I knew is that anything that can possibly break, will break.
As a landlord, you walk into the brutal reality that most people simply don’t care about how they live or how delicate something is. Just like you baby proof a house, you will need to renter-proof your house. This means making things indestructible. If something is likely to break, make sure you don’t spend too much money on it. Just buy good quality DURABLE, not high end BREAKABLE. This will prevent you from fixing and buying new things after every tenant.

The fifth thing is that the biggest learning experience of all of them is simply dealing with people.
On a bigger picture, deeper down, you really have to learn to communicate effectively, be ok with saying no, be okay with standing your ground, while still being able to hear the other person out. You need to learn how to explain yourself in a way that makes sense to the other person, without coming off as insensitive or inattentive. The other person needs to be heard and their thoughts validated before you can say what you want. Just like anything else, people skills are incredibly important and can make a huge difference in whatever business your in.

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