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Tenant screening - How to screen tenants - Learn Tenant screening secrets from the pro's - Tenant screening tips - Rental property tips - landlord advice - Professional Landlord & Property Manager #JamesWise discusses 10 obvious & not so obvious Red Flags Real Estate Investors need to watch out for when they are screening their tenants.

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Channelle Mokalei
This was pointless to watch.
I am Kiki
I agree with you on all except for the eviction. HERE'S WHY: If you see a recent eviction or more than one eviction don't accept them; but if you had one eviction 10 years ago followed by no evictions after that, that shows the person has grown and evolved from that past eviction. Everyone deserves second chances especially if it is proven in their actions. One bad incident shouldn't mark a person like that for life. They need a place to live.

Face tattoos OBVIOUS. I know a lot of millennials might not understand that. Tattoos are not illegal but, they speak volumes and it says alot about the person.

A face tattoo shows a lack of maturity and that you're not really thinking about your future. A face tattoo won't affect an 18 year old in they way it will when that person turns 28. Eventually we grow up and join the work force so that our basic needs are met. You may work at Burger King and earn minimum wage with a face tattoo but if you want more for your life that tattoo must come off. No good paying career Fortune 500 Company employee has a face tattoo. And not everyone can be a rapper either. So you might want to think twice about that face tattoo kiddos.
Heather Collier
I wouldn't rent from you ,your a arrogant prick and you put people in categories....Fuck you
Naughty Hotdog
I like how after some of the numbers your like CUT ‘EM MOVE ON 😂😂😂 Reminds me of when Trump had that show Apprentice and was like YOUR FIRED 😂😂😂 Your cut and dry and it’s funny
Truly Gifted
You really should be careful saying you’ll deny someone for their looks... Some of these points you are making are not legally acceptable as reasons to deny someone’s rental application. Just my 2 cents.
Randy Flannigon
Dude I don't know what person in their right mind would hire you to screen their tenants I have no idea how long you been in this business but you don't know nothing about it you need to pull down this video because it is bulshit bullshit bullshit I wouldn't rent from you if you were renting to me for free
michelle flournoy
So, someone who has a clean record as in background and was evicted after living on a property for over 8 years from losing their job of 10 years because of the business closing you're saying don't rent to them. No wonder the homeless rate is so high.
Mark Peters
I have lousy credit and a foreclosure on my record, l now get SSD and l get a money order to pay rent! Never late, l live here, why would l fuck that up?
Shellz 88
Their not given the title Landlord for no reason. Some people are power hungry and when they get the slightest opportunity to obtain the smallest authority over someone, they manipulate it.
Cuarajhy Rojayju
I just had bad experience with a tenants with tattoos on his face he thinks he will rent the property under his rules, he acted from the start like he is my boss I was nice and polite after a couples of interaction with him i had inulf of him, he can take his bs to others landlord not me this type of people will only waste your time they talk so much bs.
Heather Collier
People with felonies,depends on the felony first off and if they pay their debt to society who are you to make them pay forever by holding it against that person....Gardening really your a fucktard and most likely a landlord that's a pain in the ass...! And I agree with another commenter that your driving and making videos that like using the phone while driving DISTRACTED DRIVER...WHAT IF YOU HIT SOMEONE AND HURT OR KILL THEM REALLY BAD,YOU WILL SAY ITS A ACCIDENT BUT YOU GET CHARGED WITH A FELONY....,! So should you have to be judged forever?
Dennis Dicicco
You sound like a real scum lord man
Donald Trump
I really hope James Wise gets cancer. Fucking seriously, this fucking scumbag judges people based on minimal shit. The best thing this slumlord piece of shit can do for the world is put a shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger. Seriously kill yourself, James Wise.
Mona V
When you say "Blah, blah, blah . . . if they have this or they have that . . . just cut em' and move on " !! What do you mean exactly ? Do you mean -- give them a Notice to Vacate? Don't you need a reason to make them move? Or do you not need a valid reason to give them a Notice to Vacate?
One Shot
Wow the garden is strange I have 38 units and I have older retired renters and they love there garden . I do however put at my cost cross ties to make a 4x10 plot but I have town homes . Now there gardening equipment they must put all the chemicals and dirt in a outside storage footlocker not a storage building that they put up or the one on the patio. . Now one other thing if they have pets I limited it to just ONE NOT TWO OR THREE ONE and the pet must crap in the renters back yard section well also I not to thrilled about your demeanor about you saying you must have complete control I find if I try to be totally controlled of the tenant the tenant lose a miserable life it is their home as long as they abide by my extremely well thought out lease the tenants have an enjoyable life the average 10 at that I have just been with me for nine years the longest 22 so that must tell you something as my grandson says to each their own so do as you wish
As a property manager I can tell you with assurity that many of these points are going to set your prospective tenant up with a case against you for discrimination. I would keep these criteria to yourself when approving or denying their application.
People who garden, people who have a tatoo on their face - a deserved discrimination lawsuit is just around the corner
Dhani James Dubois
Wow!!! This dude sounds and looks like an arrogant prick. I'm glad there are sooo many other options for real estate that a lot of people don't have to even be bothered dealing with him. I bet he's a horrible landlord.
John Spotts
If your tenant is alive there going to cause trouble, move on
Terrance Collins
No way. I’m a landlord and I don’t go by most of these. This is really judgmental. You guys are pricks
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